The Holden Caulfield Drinking Game

[buy this hat here and wear it while you play for bonus points *ETD- I misspelled his name. Oops. Redoing it would be far too much work, so I'll just burn in literary hell]

As always, drink responsibly. Don't drink if you're under 21. Drinking causes cancer, birth defects, and really, really horrible headaches.

Beverage Recommendations:
If you want to be really authentic go with a scotch and soda or a frozen daiquiri (a Coke or hot chocolate if you're under 21... just like Holden). If you're like me and hate both, I suggest tequila or gin. 

There are three ways to play:

Take a shot for things Holden says:
- When something "kills" him
- When something or someone is "phony"
- When he feels "sexy"
- When something makes him "crazy"


Take a shot for things Holden feels:
- Immature
- Depressed
- Sad 
- Lonely


Take a shot for things Holden does:
- Calls someone
- Orders a drink
- Cries
- Randomly switches topic of conversation

Unless you want alcohol poisoning I suggest only doing this for a chapter or two at at time. Case in point- Holden uses variations of "phony" approximately 34 times in the entire book.


  1. Hilarious! Of course you are right; if you did this while reading the entire book, you'd be dead of alcohol poisoning! ;->

  2. I was going to say, "I'll be dead within pages!" Thanks for the disclaimer, haha.

  3. reading this for school... unfortunately we cant drink in class lol