Document This

While I'm not much of a movie person, I have a real love for documentaries- they're the non-fiction books of the film world, I guess. For me, part of the appeal is that they're shorter than a regular movie, they allow me to learn some shit, I can watch them in spurts since Netflix is on my phone, computer, and TV, and they're free (well, free in as "free" after I pay the seven dollar streaming fee a month). 

Here's a running list of the ones I've featured in my Document This posts:

Updates 1/18/2014

8. The Parking Lot Movie (quirky parking lot attendants) 
9. Forks Over Knives (whole food movement)
10. Enlighten Up! (yoga)
11. Young @ Art (old people who sing rock songs) 
12. American Teacher (a defense of public teachers) 
13.  The Doctor Diaries (several doctors are followed from med school onward)
14. Bill Cunningham New York (old man takes fashion photos for The Times)
15. The Last Mountain (how the coal companies are ruining Appalachia)
16. Pressure Cooker (inter-city kids compete in culinary competitions for scholarships)
17. Confessions of a Superhero (character actors on Hollywood Strip tell all)
18. Food Matters (eating organically)
19. Ballerina (Russian ballerinas) 
20. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (juice fasting helps people get healthy) 
21. Shakespeare High (teens performing for competitions)
22. Los Angels (the homeless on Skid Row)
23. Ride the Divide (a cycling race)
24. Blackfish (treatment of orkas at Sea World)
25. Somm (studying for the master sommelier test)
26. One Lucky Elephant (a man trying to do his elephant right)