Working the System

I'm a busy person (yes, you can be busy without having kids). I always take on too much at work, I'm training like a crazy person for two half marathons this year, I always some sort of project I'm working on, and I have this strange need to see my husband and hang out with friends. This doesn't always leave much time to read novels.

In order to keep everything straight, I'm a to-do list fanatic. I have an ap on my phone that I'm constantly updating and simultaneously loathing. Once it's on the list it stays on the list until it gets done. Recently, I figured why not add reading to it? If the list says I have to read for fifteen or thirty minutes that day, then I have no choice. I am the slave, and the list is my master. Orders are orders.

And that is how I work my own to-do list system.

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