Earth Hour/Yay For Me!

I can tie anything in to a book. Just watch.

A year or two ago I had the pleasure of attending a reading by Al Gore while he was promoting his then new book, Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis.

Al Gore? The guy who "invented" the internet and has been the subject of controversy regarding some of this claims?

Yup, that Al Gore. Fine, there may be some issues here or there, but at the heart of the book is the message I firmly believe- the earth is getting warmer and if we don't do anything about it the temperature increase and it will become so hot that we will all start boiling, sizzling, and will eventually explode. Ohmygawd, we're all going to die. Or something like that.

Anyway there's a point. I went to an Al Gore reading, I bought his book- I obviously care about the environment, therefore, I am encouraging everyone to participate in The World Wildlife Fund's Earth Hour on Saturday, March 26 at 8:30 pm. It's really simple- stop using electricity, for one hour. It really should go further than an hour, though; Earth Hour should serve as a reminder to everyone that poor Old Mother Earth is getting the shit kicked out of her and we, as a population, should cut her a break. Recycle, conserve energy, buy more fuel efficient cars, and for crap's sake, BUY YOURSELF A REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE AND BRITA FILTER! Geez.

But what if you really, truly can't turn off your lights for an hour? Personally, I'll be in the midst of traveling to New York (that's the "yay for me" part of the post title), so logistically it really isn't possible. Or maybe your grandma is on an oxygen tank or you live in freezing Alaska and you'll die of hypothermia and be eaten by wild dogs if you turn off the furnace. In that case, reschedule your Earth Hour (not for three in the morning, during a time when you'll actually notice) and just make the commitment to show the environment some damn respect. We can't be perfect, but if we all made a few changes it would really add up!

The video below sums everything up well, plus the Temper Trap's Sweet Disposition is in it (I love this song, really, but now it's everywhere and is apparently the anthem for this whole "young, hippie-ish, yet still professional and modern" movement that I suppose I have to at least partly identify with. Thank you for that 500 Days of Summe):


  1. I will definitely turn off all power Saturday night! I try to be very careful with my electricity and water consumption. I hear if you go Vegan for one day a week that is SUPER helpful for the enviornment as well!

    I also love that song...also from watching 500 days! We should go to LA over break and do the mini tour! Do you want to go running next week too?

  2. LAX turned off their pilons, I thought that was really cool.I hope this continues to get bigger every year!