Big Decision

I'm a UCLA Bruin. I went there for four years, boast a BA with their seal, and will be paying for my education there until I'm in a rest home.

Part of being a Bruin means you hate USC, our cross-town rivals. They're private, we're public. Their colors are ugly, our's are awesome. Our Bruin can kick their stupid Trojan's butt. We have an awesome medical center (I worked there for four years), their's is mediocre. Our football team is bowl-eligible, there's is not (thanks Reggie Bush). And, up until last year, I was able to say we had an awesome book festival and they were without.

And then the LA Times had to fuck everything up and move it. Yes, I said the eff word. S
orry, but this is important and very serious.

I was very opposed to attending the festival at USC back when the news was announced last year, although I knew it would be a hard decision when push came to shove. The festival is less than two weeks away and there's some pushing and shoving going on.

I'm a Bruin. Have I mentioned that?

I'm also a voracious lover of all things literary, and an entire weekend set up to celebrate books is a hard thing to pass up.

a. Don't go to it. Stay strong.
b. Do it for the books
c. Go decked out in Bruin Apparel

To be continued...


  1. i vote for option c! dont not go because you are suppose to hate usc. i know you love this book festival so i think you should go.

  2. p.s. i think by not going you are letting them win

  3. I think you should go, but decked out in Bruin gear. No one can accuse you of going over to the dark side then!

  4. I think we would do really well going on a double date. Sergio is UCLA all the way and yes, a USC hater at that.