Books on Your Back- Two for the Price of One

In honor of the seven million t-shirts I have folded and put into closets (more so the husband's than mine), here are two bookish shirts for you, brought to you by my favorite and yours (okay, probably not), a little hard to see, I know. Stop whining and move closer to the board or copy from your neighbor! Oh, wait... you guys aren't fifteen year old hormonal teenagers copying notes on symbolism. Instead, just click the direct link to see this cute little $20 shirt featuring different story covers.

Holy-moly golly-gee, do my eyes deceive me? It's a bookcase meant to look like a color TV. Sneaky, sneaky. One has to notice that they use a middle-aged model with a slightly round tummy. I like it. Take that Cosmo.

Back to unpacking. And by unpacking I mean going upstairs, taking a shower, and going to bed, because I've reached the point to where if I have to open another box I'm going to beat the nearest available person over the head with it. There's only one person that lives with me. Sucks to be him.


  1. That second shirt is cool! Why don't I ever see you wearing shirts like this? Forget Anthro... now I know your real style!

  2. lol as long as you mean you arent going to hit the dogs over the heads. can you write some more blogs? i need some entertainment. thanks