Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. I think I'm temporarily changing my whole way of life. Instead of making "to-do lists" at the beginning of each day I'm going to me a "what I actually did today list" at the end of the day. I feel like I've been way too ambitious lately and constantly setting myself up for failure.

2. Community has been canceled. Womp womp womp. My husband got me into the show a year or two ago and we've grown to absolutely love the random, cynical, loving group of friends. It figures that total shit like How I Met Your Mother and Three and a Half Men can run for years and an actual quality show gets axed.


3. I've started We Need New Names by NoViolet Bulawayo and am really enjoying it so far. Over the past year or so I've read a few novels by African writers and have started to really appreciate literature from this part of the world.

4. Speaking of global literature, I desperately need to update my "Reading Globally" Map. Maybe tomorrow.

5. My yearbook students have organized an end-of-year "banquet" on Friday and went out of their way to have it at a restaurant near my house and at a time of the evening when I can attend. Why do they have to leave me? WHY? WHYYYYY????? Also great is the note they wrote to their classmates on the whiteboard to "not dress ghetto."

6. I haven't bought books in so long- I think the last time I bought one for myself what back in February for book club at work. I feel a binge coming on- funny thing is that I haven't been glued to the new release lists for awhile so I have no clue what I even want. I'm sure that can be fixed. Suggestions?

[I know I want this]

7. My husband sent me this article the other day. Expect a blog post soon(ish).

8. Driving with Sawyer has made me an infinitely better driver. Not that I was a bad one before, but the idea of crashing what my defenseless little guy in the backseat is totally not okay. 

9. I'm going to have to give my work iPad back to work in two weeks, I think. I'm sad... but I guess not enough so to buy my own (yet).

10. I received an email for early sign ups for the first post-partum half marathon I plan on running next year but can't pull the trigger to sign up. I'll be clear to start really working out in two weeks, so maybe then!



  1. Possible book suggestion: Scandals of Classic Hollywood by Anne Helen Petersen. I heard her on Stuff Mom Never Told you and fell in love. Amazon has a line about it being 'sensationalism made smart,' which, after hearing her speak, sounds right now. I'm trying to get my hands on a copy asap.

  2. I love Community too and was sad to hear that it was cancelled. But the show has been cancelled many times before and always returns, so there is hope.

  3. Sounds like you have an awesome group of students!!

  4. I have never seen the Community, but want to :) Sound like a fun show. I hate Two and half men and How I met your mother. But I like The Big Bang theory, which many think is a little strange. Since the people behind Two and a half men, is behind that series too. I feel having been big fans of Friends, there is no comedy series that can compare with that series. Sadly.

  5. I became a better driver when my daughter was born, in the case of my lead foot. I've had to slow down considerably because I feel guilty driving like a bat outta hell with my sweet girl in the car.

  6. Hey! I want to start linking up and I wrote a post but don't see the link. Am I blind???

    PS I should have a sign in my office for "don't dress ghetto!" Love it!

  7. You have the best students! How sweet for them to pick a place close to you. If it's a babysitting issue you know I'm here! I can even entertain the baby at another table or something! :)

  8. I love the idea of a reverse to-do list. I think it would do wonders for my sanity since I never accomplish everything I want to do in a day & the unfinished to-do list is rather depressing...

  9. I found your blog by accident but love this "meme" - I am taking part :)

  10. Your students sound like great kids. Love the dress code!