Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. I think this is the third year (or second?) I've done a "ohtackynights" hashtag on Instagram featuring the awful lawn decorations my neighbors insist on putting up. My account is private, so I don't feel bad, but here was today's gem (Camo Santa standing was the other day... the horror):

2. Our solar panels are up and running! Apparently there's an app I can get to track their... absorption? I'm a real lover of charts and data (and hater of math, go figure), so I'll probably become obsessed. 

3. I've been doing outside-reading interviews with my students this whole week and while I love the opportunity to meet with them one-on-one, it can make for a long day. So today was day three, and just so happened to also be a day where my one-nap-a-day toddler didn't really get the snooze he needed at day care. All I wanted when I got home was ten minutes to myself in absolute quiet. Spoiler alert: it's after six and I probably won't have it for at least two more hours. Patience. Patience. Patience. So many deep breaths. 

4. I'm going to donate blood for the first time since high school on Friday. I decided that with everything that happened at the local shooting, in San Bernardino, it's something I could actually do, as opposed to taking to social media to run my mouth (like everyone else). It really is something I should be doing regularly, since I'm the ever-rare B+. I'm pretty nervous that I'll pass out, but pretty excited to be able to lay in one spot and not do anything for like forty-five minutes.

5. This past weekend I accomplished every single item of my to-do list for the first time in months.

6. Yesterday I took Sawyer to see Santa at the mall and it went as expected. He seemed pretty willing, and even walked toward him, but once I plopped him down in the guy's lap he got pretty sad. He tried to fight it, but just couldn't hold back. I'm taking the money for the pictures out of his college fund.

7. Every night after Sawyer's bath we sit by the Christmas tree and I read him his story, and then we sit for another fifteen or twenty minutes and just hang out together. He LOVES it. In fact, if I take a small detour to throw in a load of laundry or something shit hits the fan. Most days it's the best part, so I'm a little scared of how sad he's going to be when the tree comes down (he's obsessed).

8. I made intentionally made dinner reservations at a place that was listed as not being good for children on Yelp when we go away for a quick night later this month. I also made it for like eight, which is way past when we're able to go to eat with Sawyer. It's also a place that has been actually written about in guides and reviews and isn't a chain. I'm way too excited about this.

9. 'Tis the season for way too many cardboard boxes and the need to make some room in the house for new gifts. This is the solution to both, while doing some good. I'm going to try it out this weekend.

10. Next Wednesday I'll be so excited I won't be able to contain myself. Next Thursday is our last day of finals. 


  1. I've got a bunch of excellent photos of my kids screaming at Father Christmas ;-)

  2. That's a different perspective on the blood donation...I am tempted now. I also used to give all the time in my younger years but haven't now since my early 20s. I am type A+ though which I think is obscenely common.

    Yay on the "to-do" list....I don't think that has ever happened for me. Someday!

    Enjoy your adult dinner. :)

  3. When my oldest boy was a baby I had a horrible experience taking him to the mall Santa. Those pictures are the only mall Santa pictures I've ever taken with any of my kids.

    I adore that you guys sit by the tree every night.

  4. That finished to-do list is a beautiful sight! It so rarely happens for me.

  5. Sully goes crazy for Christmas trees too! We haven't gotten ours up yet because we were away the until this past week, but I keep telling my husband that Sully is going to lose his mind when he sees that we can actually have a Christmas tree with "balls" (also ball obsessed) on it in our own house. I love that you read your bedtime books by the tree - I think we do that too.