Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

Happy Wednesday! Leave your link in the comments!

1. This weekend should be lovely: Saturday early afternoon I'm driving solo to Huntington Beach, picking up my race bib, doing some damage at Anthro with gift cards, carbing it up, spending the night in a hotel (alone!!!), and then racing the Surf City Half Marathon Sunday morning. I plan on doing  a post on running soon, since I have lots to say.

2. Please notice that I did not mention the head cold I am currently battling in the above "this weekend should be lovely" declaration. I have to taper anyway, so I'm resting lots, slamming vitamin C, and trying to be positive. I've trained for six months and while I don't plan on a PR, I would like to be happy with my run. 

3. I can't decide if I want the new JoJoy Moyes book. The publisher sent me the last two, but apparently doesn't need the press anymore, so I'd have to buy it myself. I'm kind of a completionist, so the fact that I have two of the three (or will there be more?) bothers me. I thought the first one was endearing, but the second one not nearly as good. Anyone?

4. I just finished The Awakening for probably the fifth time, since my students are currently reading it, and I love it so much. There is definitely some Edna in me (future post, I think). 

5. Saturday was National Chocolate Cake Day, which I naturally had to partake in, so after making the cake, I made this delicious peanut butter frosting. My husband loathes frosting and he even liked it!

6. I thought of the best idea to string together some short story ideas that have been churning around in my head the other night in the shower. How cliche is that?

7. I was disappointed RBG wasn't at the SotU last night. Her disgruntled looks and inevitable nap would have made the whole thing easier.

8. I finished Fire and Fury the other day- post to come.


  1. I did enjoy seeing the disgruntled looks of some others at the helped a little. I couldn't stand how he kept clapping for himself...and did you notice how he looked skyward frequently, offering a side view, as if someone would be sculpting his profile? lol

    Someone should be fact-checking his stats, since he took credit for a lot of things that can't possibly be true.

    I hope you are well enough to do the run. Enjoy! Here are MY BOOKISH & NOT SO BOOKISH THOUGHTS

  2. Good luck with the race. Cold, cold go away. Cake day sounds good about now. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  3. Re #3... read a chunk of it on Amazon's "Look Inside" feature (if you can't wait) or get it out from the library later (if you can wait) and read the whole thing via library copy, then if you like it, buy it to complete your collection. I use the library a lot as a "do I want to actually own this physical book?" test.