Field Trip: The Broad

[this is actually inside the museum, which is art itself!]

Last Tuesday my sister-in-law drove to downtown LA to visit The Broad museum, the first time for both of us. Modern/contemporary art is definitely my favorite, although I know not everyone feels that way (my husband constantly protests that he could make half of the things on display, while I counter with comments about color composition and texture). The Broad is still incredibly popular, despite being open nearly three years. In order to get tickets you have to jump online the first of the month to get the ones that opening up for the following month- the general galleries upstairs are free, but the featured exhibit on the bottom floor cost (we saw an extensive Jasper Johns collection for $25, which isn't bad at all for a visit). 

[Infinity Mirrors]

[Jasper Johns]



Besides the current Jasper Johns collection, the bottom floor also houses Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirror, which is a small room with lights and mirrors that make you feel like you're in a space that extends for forever. You stand on a platform in the dark alone for a minute, and it's pretty awesome. I was a bit afraid my claustrophobia would kick in, since I know the room is tiny, but the optical illusion proved successful and I was more in awe than anything.


[Robert Therrien]

[Jeff Koons]

[Jeff Koons]

[Glenn Ligon]

For me, the galleries upstairs totally stole the show. Some of my favorites were pieces by  Chuck Close, Roy Lichtensteinn, Andy Warhol, Kara Walker, Jean-Michel Baquait. I must go back.

We also swung by The Grand Central Market for lunch, which I have been by a few times but have never actually gotten to eat at. It's basically a huge sort of enclosed hall with tons and tons of food stall and stands ranging from burgers to pupusas to calamari to beer to ice cream. I need to go back to try Egg Slut, but the line is always out of control. 

If you're ever in town I highly recommend both places!

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  1. So fun! I haven't been to a museum (of any kind) in ages and this makes me want to remedy that!