Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. I have been a union member (CTA!) for twelve years and have a grandpa who was a teamster for decades- today's SCOTUS ruling is personally offensive and it's TIME TO RALLY.

2. I started David Sedaris' Calypso and I absolutely adore it. I've read other essays of his here and there, but this is the first actual collection I've owned and now I want them all.

3. I am also reading Meg Wolitzer's The Female Persuasion and while I am enjoying it, I do think that she could have trim about 75 pages of fat to make a bit of a tighter novel.

4. I am excited for IOS 12 later this year to be released- it will have a suite that includes an app that tracks how you spend your phone time! I have been asking for this for years (and clearly they are specifically answering my actual needs because I am THAT important). There are third party ones, but they ask for way to much access to my phone to utilize them. 

5. I have been considering a new Instagram account for book-related matters only, but I'm afraid it will be too much work. Anyone do this? Thoughts? Do I have to log out and back on each time I change accounts?

6. I love that my mom reads so much more now that all of her kids are grown. She went from only reading Redbook when we were kids to reading 2-4 books a month! She tries to alternate between an author she knows and a new one, so I always use holidays and birthdays (like hers yesterday) to buy her new ones. And she reads them! It's so great. I would have never imagined this twenty years ago.

7. Lately I have been able to hang out with people who mean so much to me and I am so very, very thankful. Some of these occurrences have been simple, fun things, others much more serious and profound. I know good people that make my life that much better. 


  1. Another judge retiring is not good news! Hopefully we can keep one good one on the bench!


  2. I used to have an instagram for my hamster, and I don't specifically remember how it worked on a desktop, but with the app, I just had to click on a drop-down menu and switch accounts. There should be an option for you to add an account to the same login details. Good luck!
    My bookish thoughts:

  3. Every SCOTUS ruling lately has been happier news, here are my Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts

  4. Thanks to Kaitlin for her insight on Instagram. I was wondering that too. Spending time with people definitely gives you a good feeling. Hope you have a great week.