Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. The Japaneses theme park industry has verbalized what I've been feeling during lock-down, if not for years. If interested in buying the embroidery hoop above, visit my Etsy shop here.

2. The last week has made me feel like I have a newborn again (although not as sore... and said baby already walks and plays)- Ellie usually wakes up 1-2 times a night to go out and then sometimes cries when she goes back in her crate. Last night she slept from 10-5:30 which was AMAZING. I am going to really try to embrace the early mornings, since no one in my house is up. Currently, as I type, it's not even 6:30 yet and I have watered a bit of the lawn, done dishes, replied to work email, and am now writing this post. We'll see what happens tomorrow... ha!

3. Sawyer was tasked with the mission to read me 50 books this summer and he's only a few away! Most afternoons he reads me one of those horrible easy-readers and then I read him a book, and at night we read a few pages in whatever chapter book we are working on. When he is done he gets to pick out a new book, which, originally I was going to do online, but my husband and I talked and we might let him mask up and go to the bookstore when it opens. He hasn't gone to a store since early March, so going to get a book seems pretty damn fitting.

4. I feel like such an adult this week- we had our tree trimmed, our pool filters serviced, I attended a Zoom call for my son's new school, and I did some stuff with money.

5. I don't care what anyone says- I am still using a planner this year. I am totally #teampaper, so I bought my new one for the school year and it's already starting to accumulate Zoom meetings, appointments (Sawyer and I are each going to the dentist next week! Oh boy!), and virtual happy hours. It actually makes me really, really happy.

6. Speaking of school... my district is apparently running a pretty tight ship in terms of schedules, which I appreciate. I have to teach "live" for about 3 designated hours a day, offer office hours, and have prep time. Sawyer's district seems much more... flexible, which I'm not pleased about. I know once we get his teacher assignment it will probably be more explicit, but I wish they would remember that families need time to plan.

7. I had one book club last Friday and another one this Friday- there are VERY few good things to come out of this mess, but now being in two book clubs that mean once a month each is pretty great.

8. I finished the most recent seasons of Dead to Me and Workin' Moms  this month, which is some kind of record. I started The Babysitter's Club, which feels a little silly to admit, but I loved the series growing up, so I can't wait to see what this is like. I have only recently started watching Netlfix more on the treadmill, which is easy if I am walking but harder when I run. We'll see how much I get in once school starts. 


  1. I loved the Netflix Babysitters' Club adaptation! It felt true to the original books with modern updates. Hope you enjoy it too!

  2. I really loved Dead to Me. I hope they bring out another season.

    You are ready to go, with the plans and schedules. Enjoy those book clubs.