Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

I have something that requires leaving the house each weekend for the rest of the month- it almost feels like old times. We are of course being careful and adhering the the CDC and local regulations, but I am vaccinated, my sister who is staying with us is, and my husband gets his first one this weekend. 

Coming back to work after spring break was rough, since we had a week back on campus before a week off- everything just felt super disjointed and exhausting. But, thankfully, things are starting to settle in. My sister has been with us helping with Sawyer and I think they are getting into a good routine, and I am starting to get my pacing down with our super-duper long class periods (and concurrently teaching to the kids at home). 

Today I gave my students a five minute break to stretch during our 100 minute block and I got to talking about the Dyson hair dryer with a few girls. I can't tell you normal and wonderful that felt, to one minute be doing hardcore literary analysis and the next getting stuck on a random topic like hair care.

I wonder about certain industries these days- lipstick? Gum? High heels? How are they all doing over a year into the pandemic?

Easter came and went- I'm not a big Easter kind of person, so we don't go all out. Luckily when you never go big you don't set a precedent for your kid and they assume grand festivities aren't necessary. 

I don't need a fancy pizza oven, but… I want one? How many pizzas do you have to cook to justify buying one? One a week? ONE A DAY? What we really need to do is perfect cooking them in the barbeque- our first attempt was great, the second disastrous. Send all your tips, thanks.

My sister is a reader and is excited about my little home library- I get to make her a stack of suggested books. This makes me so happy.


  1. Here are my Bookish and Not So Bookish Thoughts:

  2. I've been holding out for the Johnson & Johnson one-shot vaccine but it doesn't look like our tiny little town got any so I'm going to have to put my big girl pants on an be prepared to get two shots of Moderna at the local pharmacy or Walmart. LOL

    I say if you really like pizza and feel the pizza oven would be a big help then get it. I've been giving myself the same advice concerning a panini maker. I love tuna melts and turkey melts and other melts so wouldn't it make sense to get one and do it properly rather than settling for having to flip the sandwich in a regular pan on the stove, with all my ingredients falling out?

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