February Reads

February reads! Also capturing the sun after a brief period of snow in socal a few hours ago! Hopefully March brings some warmth. Thoughts: 

Grit- some helpful data for helping my students and son. If anything, it really reinforced some of my philosophies as a parent and teacher. She needs a post-pandemic follow-up

All My Rage- I don’t typically read YA but the buzz had me curious. It still has that “teenagers are the audience” feel (which makes sense), but I did appreciate the character development and the timely topics. It would be great for high schoolers!

Orange World- delightfully quirky short stories 

The Rabbit Hutch- As a whole this is a really solid book that raises some important questions about the foster care system, mental health, and urbanization. At times it was maybe a touch overwritten, but still an accomplishment 

Violeta- I loved this Allende novel! It had a meandering plot, which worked with the historical backdrop and setting. The were also some really charming characters you have to love (and some you will love to hate)

Age of Vice- I couldn’t put this down! It’s a total page turner, but not in a cheap kind of checkout-counter-mass-market kind of way. I thought the three main characters were well done and loved the glimpse into their lives. 

Migrations- this is my second book by this author and I appreciate how she writes about people and environmentalism