The Bastards at Borders

While making a quick stop into Borders tonight I allowed myself to be suckered into upgrading my free Borders rewards card into the souped up "plus" version (please note, I did say that "I allowed" myself... taking responsibility is the first step in addiction). The stupid lady saw me hesitate before saying no and went in for the kill: "Ten dollar coupon... free shipping on all orders... ten percent off everything, always... forty percent off bestseller hardbacks... coupon for free coffee..." All I heard was, "More ways to justify buying books! Do it!" So, I did it. Damn.

A few hours later I have to admit to some buyer's remorse. First of all, I primarily buy my books through Amazon, which has cheaper prices than Borders both in stores and online, so the free shipping and ten percent off isn't very helpful. Secondly, I don't really buy "bestsellers," since they're mostly [insert nice word for crap that won't offend people that read those]. Oh, and I don't generally drink things with calories, unless it's full of booze, so the fancyshmancy coffee isn't exactly relevant. And, now that I look through their coupon book full of supposed savings, I'm even more regretful. It's has coupons for kid's books, Harlequin romance novels (augh), books for Dummies, and a free "Fancy Nancy Fan Club Kit" (who the fuck is Nancy?).

Damn those Borders bastards.


  1. Fancy Nancy = children's (specifically, little girls') book series. I only know this because I spend 36+ hours of week surrounded by rugrats.

  2. this is Emily Butson, btw. Just realized I gave you no information about who this creeper is, commenting on your blog post :)

  3. Hahaha- I figured! Thanks for the Fancy Nancy info- I probably should have known that from teaching elementary for four years...