Books in the Kitchen

I have started acquiring a collection of cookbooks since moving into our place almost five (long) years ago. Here's why I love them so damn much:

1. They have beautiful, glossy pictures (and if they don't, I won't buy them).
2. They help me improve techniques.
3. They're monotony busters- I refuse to cook the same thing each week (I try not to repeat anything during a month, actually).
4. You can buy them "used" on Amazon for 1/2 the price because they don't sell well in bookstores.
5. I need steps. Cooking shows go quickly and I get distracted, so having clear cut directions right in front of me is the only way I can go.

A few of my favorites:

1. The Comfort Table by Katie Lee Joel (golddigger and a good cook)
2. How to Boil Water by The Food Network (my rice kicks ass thanks to this book)
3. The Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook (all the basics and then some)
4. The Good Stuff Cookbook by Spike Medhelson (I hate burgers, but his gourmet recipes are great)
5. My Binder! Sorry, you can't get this on Amazon; my sister started it for me with all of my mom's recipes that I'd call home for, and now I've added my own from magazines

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  1. This is awesome. I need to build up my cookbook collection and I'm definitely going to look at these. So far I have the Veganomicon and one book that the author sent me to review for my blog. A whopping... two. This must change.