Oops I Did It Again

Okay, I'm guessing buying books from Amazon was not what Britney had in mind when she sang those lyrics, but at least her mistake didn't take up non-existent bookshelf room. In my defense, I had a gift card and waited almost a whole month after receiving it to cash it in. This is true progress on my behalf.

The Results of My Sins:

1. It's a Book by Lane Smith: I actually have/had (it may have disappeared) the video on the side of the blog. What I love, though, is at the end of the book the little mouse says, "It's a book, jackass." You don't get that kind of horrific, shocking profanity in the video.

2. Our Tragic Universe by Scarlett Thomas: This book is pretty: oddly shaped, gold on the cover, and the page sides are black. I also bought it because it's supposed to be a pretty damn good book about a writer struggling to write a novel and with all those normal life questions we always ask ourselves.

3. Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese: I was kind of pis
sed when I saw that Martha Stewart said she was reading this or recommending it after I clicked the purchase button. But then I told myself, "Relax, just because Martha is a daytime television person doesn't mean she's a stupid bitch like Oprah." Anyway, what really interested me in this one was the role medicine plays in this Indian novel (I was supposed to be a doctor... dammit).

4. The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown (no connection to past movies): This was one of Amazon's best on January recommendations, and while I am very weary of their lists, the "best of the month" series tends to lean towards the literary side, rather than which
publisher paid them the most to get mentioned. This story is about adult sisters who move back home and must deal with their father and themselves (their father primarily speaks in Shakespearean verses, which should be interesting since everyone knows how I feel about Will). Pus, I love the tagline, "See, we love each other. We just don't happen to like each other very much." Good God can I relate sometimes!

5. The Lost Art of Reading by David Ulin: I won't waste your time talking about this, since it's pretty much a long essay on why reading is important.
I'll probably be giving a full report when I'm done. I'm sure you'll check back everyday in eager anticipation.

FYI- don't expect a review on any of these for a real
ly long time.


  1. You're hilarious! Keep us posted on your books, especially the last one. You should write about your running! I would love to hear it!

  2. Thanks! I try to keep the blog focused on books, but I try to incorporate things from my life into it (for example I just posted on my last 1/2 and the book I read to prepare for it). My running experiences are mainly on a treadmill and then outside on race days- I'd bore everyone to death if I talked to much about it (just ask my husband, haha).