While You Were Watching The Hunger Games...

The Hunger Games made $155 million dollars this weekend- if ticket prices are an average of like $11, that means about 14 million people saw it. Perspective: aprx 120 million people vote in presidential elections (hear that, Obama- start advertising during blockbusters). Well, while you were all watching Katniss kick ass while simultaneously whining, I was super busy. Thursday night I conferenced with 50 parents in a high school gym (alternate between "Ohmygod I love your child, they're brilliant" and "Ohmygod I love your child, they need to get their shit together") and then went to bed like a normal person who has to get up for work at 5:50 am. Friday night, I made homemade margaritas with friends and taught someone how to play Yahtzee. Saturday, I got a bug and spent the day laying on the couch praying I'd one day be able to eat again. Sunday I cleaned, read, and did other such exciting domestic chores.

Bottom line- while my weekend was maybe a 4 on the awesome scale, I am not exactly regretting not hauling ass to the theater to see this movie. I'm not saying it's bad, and I'm not saying I won't; I'm just saying I can wait.

Plus, the hype is such a turn off. And who likes to be turned off?

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  1. I haven't seen HG yet. Mostly because I hate crowds. I'm thinking about going after school one day this week. Do people go to the movies on weekdays?*