Top Ten Tuesday- Confessions

Given the fact that I'm not Catholic I've never had to do the whole "forgive me Father for I have sinned" rigamarole. And given my personality type it's probably a good thing- I'd start recording my sins in an app for easy reference or check the confessional for bugs (because you never know). I prefer sharing my faults publicly via Facebook or going straight to the Big Man (or Woman or Two Headed Purple Monkey) myself. To each her own. 

A confessional at the Vatican in Rome.

The Broke and Bookish has anticipated the need for their little flock to confess some of their more bookish secrets this week, so here we go. I hope I don't traumatize you too much.

1. I swore that I'd get a book tattoo as soon as something happened to make the time right (how's that for vague?), but two month later I still don't have one. I don't know where exactly to put it and have been more squeamish about needles lately, despite my recent upgrade to big girl panties during recent blood tests- not even an urge to pass out! I just don't know...

2. I signed up for an Amazon Visa a few months ago and now charge everything to it so I get the points. I pay it off every month so it's not that big of a deal, I just feel guilty for feeding into the big-business, small-bookstore crunching mentality of Amazon.

3. I get depressed when I run the numbers on how many books I'll actually read in my life. Say I read, on average, 40 books per year, since I was like 13. I plan on dying when I'm 102, so that means I'll only read 3,560 quality texts in my lifespan. It's simply not enough.

4. The idea of running out of bookshelf space makes me very anxious. I have been blessed with a decent sized house, so it's not like we're lacking space, I just don't know what we'd do next.

5. I've never read The Bible. I don't really feel guilt regarding this on a religious level (God and I have this deal that allows me to do whatever I want and not have to feel bad for it until I die and... wait- am I talking Catholic?), but instead a literary one. There are a million religious references that I'm sure I'm missing since I'm not really up-to-date on my scriptures.

6. The only book that has ever made me cry is Where the Red Fern Grows.

7. Sometimes I go to appointments early on purpose so that I can read in the waiting room.

8. I fantasize constantly what it would be like to write a successful novel and live the life of someone paid to write all the time and yet do absolutely nothing to make that happen (wait, should I pray? Will God send someone to write a book for me? How does that work exactly?).

9. I wish someone would infect all eReaders with an permanent virus that changed all their ebooks to that stupid meowing rainbow cat.

10. I want to sock people in the face when they tell me they don't have time to read. STOP WATCHING TV AND PICK UP A DAMN EFFING BOOK! Seriously. Just say you don't want to, don't say you don't have time! If you have time to watch shows about homes being remodeled, cakes being decorated, or teenage girls getting knocked up you have time pick a DAMN EFFING BOOK.

Did I mention my God has a damn good sense of humor? Obviously, looking at our world...


  1. I actually have had a book tattoo designed for me, and am planning on getting it as soon as pool and tanning season is over!:)

    And I totally agree with you on number 10 - if you really want to read you can make time for it. Anything else is just poor excuses:)

    1. You have one designed for you? Badass. Now get it!

  2. I love your #10! I should have put this as one of my confessions, but I couldn't be friends with someone who doesn't read. How can you NOT read? It is unfathomable to me! And, I too, go to appointments to have a little quiet time to read during the day!

    Hopping by to say Hi! Hope you have a chance to read my Bookish Confessions!

  3. I have a weird fantasy about getting stuck in my library for years so that I am forced to actually read all the books in it.

  4. Numbers 9 and 10 made me laugh out loud! I just can't focus on the text when it comes eReaders/eBooks. It's much easier to get lost in a story when I'm touching real pages, not staring at a screen.

    I haven't read the bible either. I wish I would get on it at some point, because I hate not fully grasping a biblical reference. It's not like a haven't tried, but I always get distracted.

    Ha -- I don't make appointments early all the time, but I always have a book on me to read while I wait! Even if it's just a for a few minutes. You'll never find me without a book on hand.

  5. Love your list!! The last one irks me too... everyone has time for what they make time for!

    Where the Red Fern Grows made me cry too (actually I think it gave me a melt down), but it definitely wasn't the last :(

    My TTT

  6. Hehe. I have been planning getting a book tattoo for several years. My problem is I can't decide on a design. I keep getting new ideas and then rejecting them in favour of still newer ones.

  7. Ha - I do exactly the same thing with the appointments! I secretly get quite excited if they are running late so I get more time with my book! Great confessions.
    Laura @ bookswritingtea

  8. Love your confessions (but you definitely have a guilt-problem) :P.
    Definitely agree with #3... I get really sad and just want to drop out of school so I can read all day. But then, I suppose, what would be the point of living if you don't get to learn from what you read? Or something.
    And #10, oh my greatness... I gets my goat every time.
    By the way, e-readers are not thaaaat bad.I still prefer real books, but it's pretty cool being able to carry an entire bookshelf in my handbag.

  9. Hehe. No plans ever for a tattoo but I like your list.

  10. Agree to all...except no. 9 ;-) I do like my Kindle but I share the love between it and 'real' books. In defence of ereaders - when I went overseas last year and knew that I had 87 books with me, I felt happier.

  11. I'm wanting to get a book related tattoo too! I keep toying with different ideas, but nothing seems day I'll figure it out!

  12. I already know what kind of tattoo I want to (related to Harry Potter :)), but I'm still waiting for the moment I feel like I want it. For now, I don't have that urge.

    The whole "I don't have the time.." thing annoys me too. If you don't like to read, be honest about it. Don't blame it on time, because you can make time free for it.

    I only read parts of the Bible, because we had to in primary and secondary school.

    If I think about the number of books I will read in my whole life.. I feel a bit stressed, so I try not to :p

    Very nice list! :D

    My top 10 Tuesday.

  13. I ran out of shelf space a long time ago, and it hurts!

    I'm with you on the Bible - I'd like to read it for all the references, especially the Old Testament, but I've read some parts and it's pretty disturbing! The New Testament is quite dull by comparison, I tried reading it when I was a kid and I just kept rolling my eyes at it.

  14. I will be stumbling upon a nightmare of mine soon....I am running out of room! :0

  15. #3 made me kind of sad too. That's just isn't enough books for a lifetime (And I'm already way behind, only at 550).

    And no kidding about people saying they dont' have time to read. When i hear that I just want to throw up on them.

    My list

  16. I really enjoyed your list! I’m the same when it comes to realizing how few books you’ll be able to read, not to mention all the great books which will be published after you die. :-( And I think most readers fantasize about becoming a successful author. I used to write all the time when I was younger and dream of being an author. Maybe it’ll happen for you one day if you get struck with inspiration!

  17. Where the Red Fern Grows is the first book I ever remember making me cry, and it's still only one of few. Similar to #7, I like using public transportation so I can read and don't even mind delays unless I'm going to work! And I definitely feel you on #8.

    Thanks for stopping by my site, I'm glad to have found you!

  18. I love your confessions. I don't think that many ever actually read the bible they get it yelled at them. Maybe that was just the way I got it. As for the tattoo I'm going to get a Fifty Shades of Gray/ Twilight symbol on my ass. hahaha

    1. After how many drinks??? Haha! I hope it HURTS ;)

    2. It's going to hurt more mentally then physically...The drinks will help.

  19. Where the Red Fern Grows. Gah. It's not the only book that has ever made me cry, but I'm pretty sure it was the first.

    I also totally intend to get a book-related tattoo, but I made that stupid deal with myself that the next tattoo I get has to be bought with the proceeds from something I've now I have to finish one of my seventy billion writing projects...sigh...

  20. You are simply adorable.

    And I highly suspect that you read more than 40 books per year my dear :)