Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

[in honor of our up-coming anniversary... I still love our cake]

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1. For the love of all that is sacred and holy in this world, please stop talking about your bodily fluids and functions on social media. I don't want to know what comes out of any orifice you possess, thanks. That also goes for your children and pets. 

2. I've decided that one of my favorite feelings on the planet is relief- the feeling you get when you finally get to pee, when you realize your keys were just in the wrong pocket in your bag, when you can finally get that sneeze out, when it turns out you're not pregnant, when a work evaluation goes well. Relief is where it's at.

3. I was at Barnes and Noble recently and they replaced a huge area of the kid's area with that stupid Elf on the Shelf. Nope. Never. It's bad enough that the government is in our business, we don't need to worry about a creepy little elf snooping around.

4. Sometimes, you have to stop and remind yourself that things aren't always about you, and I don't mean that in unkind way. We need to respect people's privacy, their decisions, and their feelings. I've been on both ends of the spectrum lately, and I think it's so important to just stop sometimes and remind ourselves of this. It's hard.

5. I was in Target, alone, on Sunday morning, after Halloween, and there were so many little kids SCREAMING THEIR HEADS OFF. You'd think as a mom I might be immune to this, but I'm not. I get that as a parent sometimes you have to take your grumpy-ass kid into the store to get toilet paper or some toothpaste, but my goodness. So much noise. I'm sure it was just residual effects from the night before, but all I know is that I'm so glad I didn't have a hangover. So loud.... So many of them... So early... 

6. Yesterday I was in a meeting and someone chipped their tooth on a piece of candy and I almost threw up. I am still traumatized (I loathe teeth so much so that I've expressed my disbelief that anyone would choose dentistry as a profession to my actual dentist). If that had been me I would have curled up in the fetal position under the table and cried while the poor presenter kept talking about SBAC data. Actually, no. I would have had to leave. 

7. This article was good. Not in the sense that it's well-written, but in the sense that it's correct. I respect people who can find silver linings, but sometimes things just suck. I mean come on; let's say someone's kid dies. You're going to tell them that it "happened for a reason"? No. 

8. Sunday is our our seventh wedding anniversary. I don't think we really have plans, but I will make sure to remember our beautiful cake (and venue!), contemplate taking my dress out of it's professionally stored box to see if it still fits (hahahahaha), and be angry that there wasn't Pinterest when I was wedding planning. I'd post more pictures, but that would require me finding the CD from the photographer and searching for ones that my husband isn't in, since he hates his face on the internet. 

9. I'm doing the yearly "do we get flu shots?" debate. I have to admit that laziness factors into it all, although if my kid gets the flu and ends up in the hospital I'll feel like the hugest asshole on the planet. If I get the flu and end up in the hospital I'll feel happy that I get sleep and that someone will make me food. Just kidding. I'm going to get on it.

10. It's finally fall in Southern California, which means it's down to the fifties at night and our highs are in the seventies. Bust out the scarves. I currently have on sweats and a hoodie. It's just so cold. 

I've been trying to renew the linky thingy and it's being a pain in the ass. It should be back up next week, or sooner. 


  1. Ha! Ha! I see what you did there with no. 1 & 2!

    Here's mine this week:

    1. I knew someone would catch that, hahaha. But I mean people who go allllll out and describe every symptom at every step of their food poisoning. Or photograph their dogs' puke.

    2. Clearly I'm following the right people on social media (because I've been spared from dog vomit et al)!

  2. I think the facial expression I made when I read #1 would've been pretty funny if anyone saw me. But lmao at what you did with #1 and #2 =P

    Re: #10: Meanwhile, we've suddenly gotten a random "heat" wave up here. At least for the next few days. So weird.

    Here's mine for this week/month:

  3. I had to do a double take on #8 because apparently we got married on the same day! Seven years this Sunday for us too. We don't really have any plans either, though we may let the grandparents watch the little guy and go out to dinner which we haven't done since he was born. I also still love our cake -- it was chocolate through and through -- and I could really go for a slice now that I'm thinking about it...

  4. Oh my gosh! I love your cake! I hope it was as good as it looks :-)
    Here's mine for this week:

  5. Beautiful cake indeed....I can't even remember what mine looked like...time to dig out the pictures.

  6. Your cake is gorgeous!

    I wish fall would arrive here in Hawaii already. Itʻs still ridiculously hot and I am so over it. Although I know I would definitely be freezing, I would love to be able to wear sweaters and sweatpants!

  7. #1 and 2 made me smile. I was gonna skip the flu shot this year but then my roommate reminded me how miserable I am when I get sick (and the fact that I always get sick if anyone around me is sick).

  8. Your cake was gorgeous! Happy Anniversary!

    I completely agree about the Elf on the Shelf. There will never be an elf on any shelf in my house.

    My post:

  9. Ugh, totally agree about Elf on the Shelf. The first year it came out I was working in a bookstore and moms were going CRAZY trying to get their hands on one. I think there's a better way to encourage our children to be well behaved.

    Hahaha, #6 had me laughing...I had no idea you have such an aversion to teeth?!

  10. All my issues with my MIL started when she have Boo that goddamn Elf after I specifically said I did NOT want to do one. I was so angry.

    Admittedly, it is fun here and there. But wtf. Like I don't have enough to do!

    Get your flu shot!!

  11. I also wonder if we are reading the same person's Facebook re: #1. Ick.

  12. Teeth. I just can't. I am a dental hygiene fanatic (it's intense) solely because I find dental work to be extremely traumatizing. Thankfully, my 7.5 has been very late to lose his teeth (he just lost his first), because it disgusts me. The wiggling, bleeding, and clacking. Good grief. I told him that he can no longer ever doubt my love for him because I yanked out his tooth for him. And almost threw up.