Top Ten Tuesday- Meet 'n Greet

The Broke and the Bookish asks us to list our top ten "bookish" people we'd like to meet. I have no fight in me tonight to use this as an angle to punch bad writers like Nicholas Sparks, Stephanie Meyers, and EL James  in the face, so I'll be quick:


1. Jeffrey Eugenides- The man is brilliant and his own vest had a Twitter handle. 

2. JK Rowling: I'd like to ask her if she's scared that her adult novel is going to fail. I'd also like to peak into her house (whaaaaaat, you keep your kids under the stairs?).

3. Toni Morrison: Here's the deal- she's not even my favorite writer (I don't dislike her, though), but her position in contemporary literature is epic. The woman will be taught for forever.

4. Marish Pessl- I'd love to ask her when the hell her next novel is coming out and why the hell it's been pushed back. Get with the program and make me happy.  
Politicians Turned Authors:

5. Hilary Clinton: Total girl crush. I haven't read her autobiography (that she supposedly wrote by hand) and may not, since a lot has changed since then. I'm hoping in ten years we get an updated version.

6. President Clinton: I can't help it- I love him. Not like Monica Lewinsky love, but on a "thank you for a pretty decent eight years" love.

7. President Obama: He's incredibly articulate- I'm thinking it will carry over into his writing. And now I'll stop before we get all political (or at least more so than listing three Democrats in a list of people I'd like to meet).

8. A Bookstore Buyer: I'd love to hear why they make the decisions they make in regards to inventory.

9. A Top-Notch Literary Agent: It would be great to pick their brain in case I ever get my ass in gear and write something that doesn't make me want to curl up in the oven and shut the door. 

10. A Teacher from the Iowa' Writers Workshop: The place fascinates me.



  1. Bahahaha I love your commentary on JK Rowling. On the HBP dvd, there is this tour of her house extra thingy. Her house is beautiful! I'm so jealous of it.
    And I'm sure her adult book won't fail. Everyone is buying it so it will automatically be a best seller, but it doesn't mean that it will be good...

  2. I've never heard of the Iowa Writers Workshop. Do tell!*

  3. Oh man. I would pass out if I ever got the chance to meet JK Rowling. I wouldn't even know what to say. I'd just hug her. And maybe cry.

  4. I don't think JK Rowling's adult novel will fail - however, if this one isn't good, maybe the next one will. I'm very curious about this book! You sound like you like Marisha Pessl ... Do you? I was disappointed with Special Topics in Calamity Physics...

  5. I got Hillary's autobiography signed by her. So I met her for two seconds. I'd love to really talk to her.

  6. Definitely agree with the last three! They'd be so interesting to chat with.

  7. Interesting list! I was trying to think of who I'd put on that list and I kept thinking of dead people haha.