From the Interwebs- Abadnoned Places, Religion, Apps, and Hot Women

A few great links from my Twitter feed today:

1. "17 Abandoned Places Around the World that Your Probably Didn't Know About" (Thought Catalog)- A list of places ranging in site from Taiwan to Brazil to Italy. Do you think I can get a good deal on one of the futuristic houses?

[Taiwan; Thought Catalog via Wikipedia]

2. "Religion Map of Congress Members" (Huffington Post)- I think article led me to more questions that anything. Are there any agnostic or athetists? Is this just a box they checked off, or are they really practicing? 


3. "The Ten Best Writing Apps on the iPad" (TNW)- I've got my hands on an iPad for awhile (well, for the school year at least) and ran across this list. I keep seeing Evernote pop up and am super intrigued my Blogsy, which would allow me to blog away from my computer.


4. "Giada de Laurentiis to Open Restaurant in Las Vegas Next Year" (LA Times)- I'm a huge fan of good (as in not Olive Garden) Italian food and de Laurentiis, so I couldn't be more happier that she plans on opening her first restaurant a few hours away from where I live. 


5. "Sexed Up and Smart: Women Debate Marisa Mayer's Vogue Shoot" (CNN)- Attractive professional women are damned if they do, damned if they don't. Mayer is beautiful and powerful- it's not like she did a spread for Playboy.



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  1. Interesting article about Marissa Mayer. I agree that if she were a man, her inclusion in a magazine would be barely newsworthy. On the other hand, I'm not sure how I'd feel seeing my boss in a spread like that. But in all fairness, my boss is a 60-something jolly ol' librarian. So there's that.