Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. I'm so tired that I fell asleep during a 5-minute savasana last night at yoga and then proceeded to repeatedly click my garage door opener in the parking lot... because I was trying to open something? I'm apparently not used to these 5:45 am wake up calls yet.


2. Thanks to work starting back up my reading has been a little sad this week. I was pretty sick Monday-Tuesday and then work started again Wednesday- this weekend I need to put "read for 4 hours" on my effing to-do list.

3. I have to confess, I really love Pottery Barn. I feel like such a moronic suburban yuppie as I excitedly pour through each new catalog and dog ear pages to show my husband later. Yes, they're over-priced, but I can't help that so many things would look so perfect in my house. Oh, and Restoration Hardware makes my heart go pitter-patter too.  By the way, does anyone else instantly think about apothecary tables when they walk into a Pottery Barn store?

4. I have to buy this book:

[the pre-order price is only $10, after all]
5. Speaking of cooking, wouldn't it be super fun to host cooking challenges at your house in lieu of traditional dinner parties? It also sounds like an excellent way to clean out your fridge and pantry.

6. Yesterday was the first day of school for students, and I have to confess that when I left the house I was both considering regularly playing the lottery and maybe finding a new career path. It's not a good sign when you're burnt out at the beginning of the year. Thankfully, once the kids came in (4 of my 5 periods are kids I've had, and loved, for at least one other year) I felt much happier and got into the groove quickly. Hopefully in my next life I'm both patient and a morning person.

7. I signed up to chaperone prom in April, mostly because I like buying new dresses. I guess it'll be fun to see my students dressed up and on their best behavior, too. Now I just have nine months to find a date...

8. I'm gearing up to start Macbeth with my IB seniors and am actually pretty excited. This is a pretty momentous occasion, me getting excited about Shakespeare.

9. Is $400 too much to spend on boots? Here's some potential rationalization: I haven't bought boots in six (!) years and these would probably last at least three or four, meaning that my total, on average expenditures for boots over ten years would be only $40 a year. Also, if I'm thinking I'll wear them maybe ten times a month for six months, for three years, that's only $2 a wear (versus an Anthropolgie dress that costs $200 that I'd wear maybe twenty times ever). And this is why tax return season should be in October- to pay for Christmas and to buy kick-ass boots.

[these boots were made for walking... with my feet in them]

10. I know it's not my place to decide, but I'm still trying to figure out if the situation in Egypt is a coup. A revolution, absolutely, but you can still have a revolution and coup going on at the same time (if you ask me anyway). I think, and I'm probably just saying this because I'm in a comfy middle-class home with my feet propped up, that it's actually kind of a good thing. People in Egypt give a shit- so much so that they're willing to do something about it. I don't support the bloodshed of innocent lives, don't misunderstand. But in terms of politics and the people, sometimes there are going to be clashes that play out in the streets instead of behind the screens of computers. 


  1. Sorry to hear you were sick earlier this week! Hope you're feeling better now :)

    Those boots look kick-ass! I only got into wearing books maybe in the past year; can't wait until the weather cools some more over here so that I can start wearing some again xD

  2. I have almost the exact same riding boots (Frye's right?) and have been wearing them for 3 years straight and I am sure they will get plent of wear this year too. Totally worth it.

  3. Those boots are awesome! Totally worth the price.