Gifts for Bookish People

A few fun gifts for the bookish people in your life (click prices for links):

Library Letters

[$20/letter- I bought 2 and love them!]
A Bookish Print

[$19 for 10 x7]
 Audible Gift Card

 Botticino Book Coasters

 Harry Potter Stamps 

[$9.20/20 stamps]
 Kate Spade Card Catalog Bag


Custom Made Notebooks
A Bookish T-Shirt
Bookish Jewelry
Awesome Bookends

Book Book iPhone or Laptop Case



  1. I have the book letters from Anthropologie, too! I bought only 2. . . hard not to buy more, but I got my first initial and my husband's first initial. Love them!

  2. I love the Book phone case! Too bad I have an Android... Out of Print has some amazing tees/sweatshirts as well and Litographs has posters for classics that are made up of the text of the book.

    I definitely have to buy some Harry Potter stamps when I go to the post office.

  3. I love the necklace! And the bag! And the Harry Potter stamps... oh heck, I want it all! :-)

  4. The print is so pretty! And we just got some Harry Potter stamps actually from a family member who works for the post office -- they're really nice for fans of the series :)

  5. Great list! I love all the Kate Spade book stuff lately, and my blog partner has the iPhone case below. I'm pretty sure she got it for Xmas last year. :) It's so freaking cute.