If You Haven't Seen It, It's New to You

I understand that compilation posts chalked-full of links are total cop-outs, but I was feeling a bit nostalgic and decided to do so with an upfront disclaimer and apology.

Disclaimer: This post contains absolutely no new material

Apology: I'm sorry for being a lazy shit

As NBC used to say during rerun seasons in the nineties, "If you haven't seen it, it's new to you."

Why I Don't Read YA (pretty self-explanatory)

Foster the People (forcing teenagers to read)

By the Book: The Story of the Failed Croissants (the time I use used cooking as an allegory for frustrating things in my life) 

The Catcher in the Wallflower (calling out Perks for being like Catcher)

The Trifecta Achieved (my adoration for Let the Great World Spin)

Reading: Cheryl Strayed (conflicted bookish feelings) 

My Weekend: Books- 0 Waterfalls- 4 (for the Yosemite pictures)

Rice Krispy Interlude (recipe) (my attempt at recipe writing- Salted Brown Butter Rice Krispy Treats with Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chips) 
On Boredom (being bored is important)

Signs You Need to Move On (quitting a book)

I Almost Forgot- I'm Pregnant (oh yeah, that's right...)

Update: Satellite/Cable Free ($100 a month richer, bitches!)



  1. Sometimes I feel like the only one who doesn't like YA. I am SOOOO happy I am not alone!

  2. Recycled content is always good for those of us who haven't read it before. I don't mind YA books, but it has to be real people, not werewolves, zombies, and vampires. I also read your article about forcing teenagers to read. I so agree. I am glad kids are given greater liberty with what they read than they used to be. When I was in school, the entire class read and discusses a book. Now, reading logs allow kids to read books that interest them and share their thoughts only with the teacher. It doesn't become a stress point for them--the dreaded oral report.

  3. Aaaah... so much to read! Where to start!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my TTT. I haven't found your blog before, but I do love it. So all of this was new to me, a great introduction, and congratulations on your baby growing state.