Top Ten Tuesday- Some Day

[I blame this]

I hate the word "bucket list"- bucket lists are something that you do when you're anticipating death, but pop culture has decided to use it as a way to just make lists of what you want to do. Convenient.


This week's Top Ten Tuesday from The Broke and the Bookish asks us what would be on ours. Here are mine:

1. To consistently have my TBR list to between 5-10 (you have to have options! Just maybe not 50+ of them).

2. To write my own novel and maybe even have it published by a legit house.

3. Open a very hip, cool, happening bookstore/bar in a bustling college town.

4. For the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books to be moved back to UCLA, from USC (what, I have no control over this?)

5. To instill my love of books and reading in my own children.

6. To read James Joyce's Ulysses.

7. To sit outside for an entire day (in beautiful weather, of course) and read while sipping the beverage of my choice. A nice lawn chair, maybe a break for ice cream, no interruptions...

8. To walk into a classroom the night after a long reading assignment has been given and for every student to have completed it. And not only completed it, but thought about it.

9. Go to one of those awesome, foreign libraries or bookstores that float around on all those Buzzfeed lists (I have been to The Strand in NYC, though, and it was pretty awesome).

10. To read TC Boyle's, Colum McCann's, Ann Patchett's, or Margaret Atwood's complete catalogs (I'm sure there are several other authors that I'd like to throw in there, but I'm trying to make dinner and write a blog post at the same time, so we'll leave it at that).

What made your list?

And thanks to those that joined me over here for Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts last Wednesday night/Thursday. 


  1. #5 needs to happen more often and it's something I hope to do.

    Let me know how #8 goes. (I'm not laughing, I swear.)

  2. #3 is totally be my retirement plan :)

    #7 sounds like my idea of a perfect day!

  3. Love your list :) # 2 is one of mine too, if I was going to make a list!

  4. I hope that my children love to read as well.

  5. I have #3 on my list too. There's the most adorable used bookstore for sale a couple towns over from mine and it's literally killing me inside that I can't buy it.