Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. I found this recipe for a Lucky Charms Blizzard on Pinterest and I have to make it, like now.

[recipe and picture from Sweet Treats and More]

2. Amtrak is offering a residency program for writers- they take a trip across the country in their own sleeping car, complete with desk and other amenities. I have a sort of romanticized view of train travel, always building it up to be incredibly awesome in my head and then once I'm finally traveling on one I'm over it in about an hour. But maybe when the reason is for the experience, rather than reaching a destination it might be different.

3. A student made me this as a thank you for all of my help on college and scholarship applications:

4. Since coming back from Houston, work has been ridiculous. I've had two rounds of IB paperwork to turn in, and while I was prepared with the testing I get sort of paranoid and anal when it comes to this sort of stuff and had to double and triple check everything. On top of that, the yearbook was due on Monday, so there was the normal 12+ hours of final edits that had to be done. Oh, and I spent 4.5 hours at school Saturday morning working a "bootcamp
 to tutor those in danger of not passing the high school exit exam. I'm happy to say everything is wrapped up and now I can return my focus to grading. Yay.

5. I know it's old news, but I can't stop loving Texts from Dog. They're just so hilarious. I introduced the Tumblr to a few students and they are constantly emailing me screenshots of their favorites.

6. The Veronica Mars movie comes out this weekend! And it's shockingly playing near us.


7. I finished Five Days at Memorial by Sheri Fink last weekend and it was fantastic. You can read my review here- I highly, highly recommend it (even better if you can make your book club, friend, or significant other read along for discussion purposes).

8. It's prom season and things are getting out of control already. Two of my students helped one of their guy friends create some sort of balloon display to ask another one of my girls to prom (she said yes). I feel bad for these poor boys! If the girls are expecting this sort of nonsense for prom, what will they want for their engagement proposals?

9. I love this shirt, which features lines from Whitman and Dickinson on it. The price tag, not so much.

[Erdem $1,490]

10. Every year one of our attendance clerks creates a huge list of messages from teachers for each of the graduating seniors. The kids pick it up when they check out and they love it. I started a spreadsheet today that I keep up on my desktop so that I can add to it when the mood strikes (I'm trying to come up with something for each of my seniors). I'm going to be soooooo sad when my last day comes. Augh.


  1. O dear God #8. I. can't. deal. That's nuts!

  2. Working on mine. I really enjoy your posts btw, esp about books & school. I also work in a school.

  3. I loooove that shirt. Until I saw the price. *le sigh*

  4. That shirt is gorgeous.... that price, not so much.

  5. #6 - Soooo excited! Also, totally making that blizzard this weekend :)

  6. I hope that somehow I'll be able to convey to the guy I like (whenever it happens) that he doesn't need to do anything too fancy for me for a proposal. :)

  7. #2 sounds so awesome! Train travel is so much fun xD

    I should hang out on Pinterest more often. My cousin was also telling me of some great recipes she found there...

  8. Riding cross-country on a train in my own little writer's cabin sounds like the definition of paradise. And #1- yummmm

  9. #1 - I don't know what Lucky Charms are but a blizzard in a jar sounds good.
    #2 - brilliant
    #8- holy shit! That's ridiculous...