Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

[literary Christmas ornaments- a classroom tradition]

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1. I hate it when people say things like "I'm not trying to make you feel guilty," "I'm not trying to insult you" or "I'm not trying to be rude." 

2. I'm doing a giveaway soon! I turn down ones all the time, but this one I'm excited about.

3. I'm I the only one that "saves" new clothes for "special occasions" and then realizes, eventually, that months and months have gone by and I'm wearing the same old shit and the new things have only been worn once or twice? No more. YOLO (--> said in an ironic, tongue in cheek sort of way in case you couldn't tell). 

4. Per usual, I'm way behind on the book club selection and the meeting is on Wednesday. Procrastination is motivation (I'm learning from my students, apparently).

5. I should have bought Frye boots last year when by big fat pregnant gut was telling me too. The must cheaper boots I bought are already falling apart.

6. I downloaded the stupid Timehop Ap- it's sort of embarrassing. I said what? Really? Shudder. But it's kind of neat, too.

7. Sawyer is starting to eat more solid foods- it's fun. Last night he tried some potato and we've also done bananas and refried beans. He also loves those stupid little Puff things too (which at 25 calories for 60 I think I'm going to make them my new favorite snack too).

8. I love the tack Christmas decorations that are popping up throughout the neighborhood. The blow up ones are getting even larger and are adding more and more movable parts. Not to mention how attractive they look during the day. I seriously do not understand the appeal.

9. The pins on Pinterest suggesting "gifts for teachers" kill me. Honestly? We do not want wreaths made of crayons, coffee mugs, or any sorts of crafts made by your kids. Instead? Gifts for Bevmo (since bringing bottles of wine on campus is illegal), gifts cards for pedicures or massages, snacks for our desks, and Costco sized bottles of Tylenol for the headaches your kids give us (kidding, kidding). Or nothing. Or even better? Tell your kid to be on his/her best behavior for a solid day.*

10. I am sitting down with every single student this week for six minutes of one-on-one time to talk about the books they read for their 700 page requirement. I went into it with dread, but am actually loving it. Some didn't finish the assignment, but we still talk about what they do read (and I'm not giving them too much grief so that the rest of the time goes well). I've been keeping a list a of books to add to my TBR list, so that part has been an added bonus. 

*This is of course all a joke. I would never, ever want a parent to spend a substantial amount of money on me. I actually prefer cards- in this digital age it's becoming a lost art. 


  1. I actually spend a lot of time picking gifts for our teachers (really, seriously, and done with genuine gratitude). I usually give them jewelry of some kind - risky, yes, but I keep an eye on their style all year. If they're not a jewelry kind of person, I buy them the three best books I've read that year (with exchange vouchers of course) - because what teacher doesn't like reading?

    One year I gave a teacher the book selection and I got a letter halfway through summer saying "Thanks for the best summer of reading I've had in decades." #success

  2. I went down the Tome Hop rabbit hole too. Don't know how much I'm going to share publicly, but it is nostalgic.

  3. I always try to have my son make a card for his teacher. Last year we made a small gift box with some tea (I knew she was a tea drinker), some chocolate and some fuzzy socks. I had my son write a note on a white piece of paper and then we wrapped it blank side out over a chocolate bar. He drew a snowman face on it and then we put one of the socks over the top like a winter hat. It was really cute and she seemed to like it.

    Luckily, we don't have many of those huge blowup things in our neighborhood, either. My husband loves them. I'm not a big fan. If we had the money he would probably have our yard covered in those things and we would be "that" house. lol

  4. Oh, yeah, like SAYING that they are not "trying to make you feel guilty" means's like when someone says "trust me." You know then that you can't. LOL

    I have a brand new skirt that I it still. Haven't yet worn it. And a lovely dress that I wore once.

    Yes, I go for the comfortable clothes most of the time...and often the same things over and over. Boring, right?

  5. i love your bookish tree. I think I might do something like that in the library maybe even this year, if i can get my act together.

  6. Am I too late for the LINKY thing? I couldn't find it on your page. -Anne@ My Head is Full of Books

  7. I am so with you about #3! I'm always saving things. >.> My entire life is "saving things for that occasion" and then too much time passes and I miss the opportunity completely. Living in the moment is so not my strong point. >_< It's a pity cards are becoming a lost art. But urghh maybe that's because postage is so wild? At least it is in Australia. xD I sent 6 christmas cards and spent over $10 which I think is a little insane for cards, hehe. Christmas time can be crazy. ;-)
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

  8. Oh man, I'm SO bad for saving things for a "special occasion". My husband and I were actually purging our closet last night and we were reflecting on how it's always the crappy old hoodie or tshirt that's your "go-to" to wear. Why is that? No more, it's my 2015 resolution! Use things up.