Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. What a mothereffing week. Sawyer and I came down with colds over the weekend and his turned into something a little worse, requiring breathing treatments, steroids, and inhalers. Have you ever given a breathing treatment to a ten-month-old? Dear God, it's horrible. I had to do the one in the office, which meant pinning him down for fifteen minutes while he screamed and thrashed around. A few times he'd completely stop and stare at me with these sad "why are you doing this to me, mom?" eyes and then start up again.  Luckily when we did it at home I was able to distract him with some stupid Mickey cartoon (plus I think he was more comfortable being somewhere familiar). This has also meant that I've missed three days of work, which is KILLING me. Obviously my baby comes first, but being benched is so not my style.

2. I rejoined Audible, which has made driving around better since finishing Anthony Bourdain's Medium Raw. I'm now listening to 168 Hours, in attempt to find some sort of hidden time in my week that I didn't know existed. So far it's asked me to keep tabs of how I spend my time each day, which I DON'T HAVE TIME TO DO. Oh, the irony.

3. I wonder what I'd be described like if I was a character in a book. Do I want to know? This would make for an interesting assignment for my students some day...

4. I picked these up for myself last weekend. Since I used the household account it was basically like my husband bought them for me... right?

5. Product junkie: I highly recommend Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner. It was either that or buy a Clarisonic to get all my makeup residue off at night, and this seems to be a much, much cheaper solution.

6. I've been a worse-than-usual (yes! it's possible!) blogger lately- as soon as the baby is well/the yearbook is done/the house looks like less of a disaster I will be back regularly.

7. Friday night I'm supposed to chaperone the Sadie Hawkin's dance from 7-10 outside in the school's quad. I'm all for school spirit and safe Friday night activities, but after the week I've had the last thing I want to do is leave my kid at home and stand out in the cold and watch teenagers dance. Interestingly, it has been canceled before.

8. He's not too sick to (army) crawl (by the way, the quality is horrible... thanks to Blogger)! 

9.  I'm expecting my delivery from Warby Parker today. They allow you five trial pairs of glasses to try on at home, which you then send back and order whatever one (if any) you liked best. This is what happens when I stay at home with a sick kid for three days- I get excited for the postman to come. Like really excited.

10. I have been desperately wanting to get my bike off the indoor trainer and onto the bike trail in this beautiful weather we've been having. My two concerns: remembering how to take off the wheel and whether or not it can fit in the back of my car without putting the seats down since the kid's beast of a car seat is pretty permanently installed in the back.


  1. Oh, hope you both feel better soon! Any kind of treatment on a baby is like wrenching your own heart out, as they cry, and sometimes sad.

    Fun watching them crawl and go about their business anyway!

  2. Eek, I chaperoned a homecoming dance last week and never again.

  3. I hope you guys are starting to feel better by now! :(

    Love the army crawl. Adorable. I'm not sure I would want to know how I would be described as a character in a book...something to think about. lol

  4. Poor dude! Hope he's feeling better by now.