December, Revisited, Plus January

For the past few months I've been posting some monthly goals and then holding myself accountable to review how I did. Like I always say, this is more for my sake, but I respond well to public accountability. 

Yes, I know I have been goal-heavy with the end of the year resolutions and recaps. Oh well. 'Tis the season and all that. 

I may have been too ambitious for December, but considering the grading hell I had to save myself from and the holidays, the fact that I'm still alive is an accomplishment. It was a very half-assed month in many regards:

1. Not gain any weight- Have no clue I haven't stepped on the scale in two weeks, but my clothes still fit so it can't be that bad. D-Day is Sunday. 

2. Go to yoga three times- No way Try zero. It's been way too busy on the weekends.

3. Work on my 2015 book- No I have thought about it and am giving myself until the end of this month.

4. Read a graphic novel- No Sigh. 

5. Pay more attention to the dogs- Yes I definitely walked them more, but still not enough. But technically I did pay more attention to them, so it's a win.

6. Salute the sun- Sorta I did do a session or two every week of sun salutations but want to do more. I love the app I downloaded!

7. Make appointments- Sorta I booked one with my doctor and went, as well as the podiatrist and the tax lady. I still need ones for my eyes and teeth, though.

8. Cards and thank-you notes- Sorta I did Christmas cards but still have yet to do thank-you notes. 

9. Clean out every cabinet and drawer in the kitchen- No This is downright laughable. They're probably in worse shape than they were. 

10. Get out and have some fun- Yup Maybe not as much as I wanted, but Scott and I went away, Sawyer saw Santa, we decorated cookies, we met up with friends, and we saw lots of Christmas lights.  

For January...

1. Make fruit/veggie smoothies three times a week- Sawyer and I need some disguised spinach and kale in our diets.

2. Finish 2015 photo book- It's not going to be a masterpiece, since I'm not very organized, but I want to do something!

3. Take stuff to Goodwill- Why is this so hard? The box of donations is full; shouldn't that be the challenge?

4. 95k steps every week- I'm still training for a half marathon... 

5. Computer maintenance-type stuff- Buy a new laptop charger, back up everything to my external hard drive, back up phone, and update IOSes. I am scared. 

6. Chart time for two weekdays and one weekend- In my ongoing quest to be more efficient with my time, it would be nice to see a breakdown of some typical days.

7. Stay on top of grading- Time to start a new semester! This translates to not wanting to ever feel like I'm in the grading hole. 

8. Journal more- I've let this slide lately, and it always makes me so feel so much calmer and organized. 

9. Write two short stories-  My current goal is to create a twelve story collection. I have no idea why I chose that number.

10. Get a pedicure- Finding the ninety minutes on a weekend to make this happen is tough (this includes driving time).



  1. These are awesome goals! I am trying to get a lot of steps in too but 95k is super impressive!! Happy New Year!

  2. Great goals! I have no idea why boxes or bags of donation stuff for goodwill sits at my front door for as long as it does either. I actually finally loaded up my car and dropped them off on Christmas Eve. One of my goals is to get in 10K steps a day…I'm pretty sure I won't hit it everyday but I need some challenge. If it was freezing out here I might stand a better chance, haha!

  3. Best of luck with your January goals, Christine! Wishing you a wonderful 2016 and a quiet & relaxful January :)

    Re: goal #9 for January -- It's strange how numbers come pretty arbitrary, eh? I have this short story/novella project in the works and I chose the number 6 for some reason xD

  4. crazy and not. I've officially had my FitBit for a month and I love/hate it. I hate that I have to charge it on Wednesdays and it throws off my step count so I look like I'm sitting on my ass (very possible, but probably not). I should charge early or late in the day, but nope. That doesn't happen.

    My kids and I have a green smoothie most weekday mornings. I've found a recipe we all like and it's consumed with little to no grumbling. I've found banana and orange juice disguise the spinach the best. There's just no hope for kale, you can always taste it.

  5. I am with you on the donation box! I don't know why it is such a big deal to drop it off. I was even big on putting it in the car and still not dropping it off. I would be all sorts of surprised when I would open the trunk and find out it was too full for my groceries. Luckily, I found out that our Salvation Army and Mission Shop both happily pick up.
    Best of luck with your goals this month. You have a lot of good ones listed that should give you a nice sense of accomplishment in the end.