Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. This was my life the other day: trying to feed a kid dinner, baking cookies, and writing a letter of rec... all at the same time. My husband had called to say he was going to be really late at work and I wanted to get in a run after Sawyer was in bed since my house would be empty. I know there's a lot of evidence to show multi-tasking is bad, but sometimes it's the only way to survive my life.

2. I'm about half way through Lauren Groff's Fates and Furies and have really enjoyed it so far, but I'm curious to see where she's going to go in the remaining two hundred pages. 

3. I've had reason to do a lot of reflection and introspection and over-thinking this week. My conclusion? If you're all in, you're all in. If you're there 100% when things are good, you should be there 120% when things are bad (unless the other person likes to kill puppies or tell kindergarteners there's no such thing as Santa). If not, you should try to be. (Disclaimer: this has nothing to do with my marriage. Just in case someone I know is actually reading).

4. So I have issues with gift receiving and gift giving- with  most people I find the whole thing just really awkward and uncomfortable, mostly when I'm the one receiving. Over the holidays I gave a few things to people and not all of them acknowledged receipt, even though I know they did get what I gave. It's not like I can text them a "hey, aren't you going to acknowledge what I gave you?" but still, it's a little annoying.

5. So, my husband is a huge X-Files fan, but I find the show really disturbing and it creeps me the hell out. He has the complete series and had on the first episode a few weeks ago, one about these girls who had these puncture wounds because they were abducted by aliens. Sunday I noticed several on my legs. Obviously, I was abducted in my sleep. Or a spider crawled up my effing sweats and feasted on me. I don't know, but I don't like it. 

6. Also, if we're talking about weird occurrences then I might as well mention the fact that I had a few moments this week where I thought someone might be living in our attic (I actually wrote a short story about this recently) because there were a few oddly misplaced things in Sawyer's room. But, then I got to thinking. Say there is someone squatting in the rafters and has been for awhile, without killing us in our sleep. Shouldn't he help out with the cleaning? Maybe be available in case I want someone to like come in and clean the carpets while I'm at work? (MAN IN THE ATTIC IF YOU ARE READING THIS EITHER UNLOAD THE DISHWASHER OR GET OUT!!!!)

I am kidding. I scream bloody murder when my husband comes home and I don't know he has arrived. If there is a stranger lurking above the ceiling and I spotted him I would die of a heart attack. No joke.

7. There are a thing! I had heard rumors of their existence but had never seen them in stores (granted, I may not have really ever looked). Well, now they're mine and I just used 1/3 of the jar on one cup of hot chocolate because I kept refilling. Apparently I am eight-years-old. 

8. I introduced Sawyer to my favorite childhood movie yesterday, Follow that Bird. He watched a few minutes in his new chair that his great-aunt got him, took a dance break for a song, and then was done. This is probably a good thing because something tells me I might still blubber over the scene where poor Big Bird is painted blue and cries while being locked up by the super mean carnies.

9. I keep forgetting that Monday is a holiday and then get incredibly happy and relieved when I remember.

10. Give me your best running songs. Please. Fast, poppy, clubby kind of stuff.


  1. 1. I couldn't get through the day without doing a million things at once.
    2. It's in my very-near reading future.
    3. But what about the saying '80% of success is just showing up'?!
    4. A little? A lot.
    7. I'll trust your judgement on that one...

  2. Fates and Furies has been on my reading list for a while now, Iʻm hoping to get to it sometime soon!
    We donʻt have an attic but sometimes I swear thereʻs someone hanging around here, too. Things go missing sometimes with no explanation. Itʻs probably just mommy brain but you never know, haha.
    I donʻt run much anymore, but Rihanna was always my go to when it came to running music. Shut Up and Drive was my favorite song to run to.
    Happy Thursday! Have a great weekend!

  3. 10. Keane: This is the Last

  4. Woot! I love those marshmallows too...we blew through a container in our house and haven't bought another yet. Need to correct that quickly, especially before we get a snow day!!

    Running Songs: I've been on the same mission...but I do like "Immortals" by Fall Out Boy - maybe not necessarily "clubby" but definitely good for running. "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten is another fave of mine!!

  5. 1. I'm constantly doing a million things at once.
    2. Wake me up - Avicii, King - Years & Years, Save Me - Darren Styles, Take Me Up - Coleman Hell

  6. I really love that the swirliness of your hot chocolate matches the swirliness of the Fates and Furies book cover.

  7. Yay! I can comment now - I had trouble yesterday when linking up. It's nothing to do with your site, it happens to me on many blogger sites for some unknown reason.

    I'm terrible with multitasking! I always end up focusing more on one project over the rest. I do wish I was better at it though, it's mighty helpful with a child.

    Not gonna lie, the man in the attic thoughts kind of creeps me out a little. I'll be listening to all the creaks and bumps tonight!

    Enjoy the long weekend!

    Reading With Jade

  8. I have 2 Christmas gifts that I haven't acknowledged yet either. Don't kill me. One is from my cousin who I only see at church except that I haven't seen him in the past 3 weeks - he's okay but he just hasn't been around.
    The other is a friend that I've glimpsed but haven't had a chance to see her yet.
    Neither person is someone I can visit or call - just have to wait to bump into each other. I have gifts for both these people so I hope whenever we get a chance to talk, they'll understand that I wasn't trying to snub them.
    Sorry. I hope that's not awful.