Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. My mom and sister came down last weekend to watch Sawyer so we could go to a wedding and it was pretty great. It was fun to get dressed up, the venue was beautiful, the bar was open, the cupcakes were delicious, the (temporary) lack of 5:30 tiny wake-up call amazing, and it was nice to spend some time with my husband that didn't require me simultaneously doing ten other things while trying to have a conversation with him. The only sad part was the ferris wheel wasn't on, but still. 

2. I actually get to hang out with just my husband again on Saturday- we are going to The Broad and are going to try Perch for lunch. Once school starts it makes getting away for longer chunks more difficult, so I'm thankful we've had the childcare to do so.

3. I am almost scared to confess this, but I just can't get into Hamilton. If I was going to see a show, it wouldn't be that, and I tried listening to a few of the songs on iTunes and was compelled to download zero. I know, I'm sorry. 

4. I hear that to actually grow an avocado might take a decade, but the gimmicky nature behind the Avoseeder is sort of right up my alley. 


5. I need these booties from Nordstroms, but they are already backordered and they haven't opened the semi-annual sale up to non-cardholders like myself, so who knows if it will happen. I'm actually sort of pissed they're being so stingy with how long the early access is and will never get a store-card because of this. 

6. Gwen Stefani's new album was only $7.99 so I downloaded it and I almost feel uncomfortable listening to it, since it's obviously one long middle-finger-in-the-air sort message to Gavin Rossdale. I hugely believe that private matters should remain private and this is anything but. 

7. I finally downloaded the app for the bank I have my savings account at and have made myself swear to deposit $5 every time I get a drink at Starbucks. 

8. & 9. I feel like it's my responsibility to report my findings on junk food you should buy, so, without further ado:

10. Tomorrow I am giving up real Sawyer-free day to hang out at home and wait for the plumber to unclog a partially clogged drain that is only diverting our AC condensation to the secondary drip line some of the time. As the kids would say, "FML."


  1. 4. That looks ace - I'd just be happy watching the roots grow.
    8. No thanks (there's such an obsession with peanut butter things in the US and honestly, I don't get it...)
    9. But these? SURE!
    10. Yes, FML. I've just had two days of no gas as they changed the meters in our street. Now I have gas back but the front lawn is now a disaster zone... Apparently they're going to restore it... :-(

  2. 4 - I need one of those for my office.
    8 - Peanut butter and ice cream should not be mixed.
    9 - Wish I could try that.

  3. I love your Starbucks savings plan. That's an awesome idea!

    Both those treats look amazing. I'm a huge chocolate/pb ice cream fan so that's right up my alley.

  4. That app sounds like a good way to reinforce your savings habit.

    I hate waiting at home for workmen, but they are necessary, aren't they? I had to wait for the exterminator yesterday, and then vacate my house for a few hours.

  5. Oh boy, 530 is quite a wake up call! I was finally getting used to my son's 6-630 wake ups when he started waking up in the night again (teeth? I think?) So after being awake for an hour or two in the middle of the night, he's now been sleeping in later after he finally settle back down. The grass is always greener, but I think I'd like those 630's back!

  6. 3. Right? I want to, but... (hasn't happened yet)

    10. I just got back from a long (for me) work trip (8 days). The day before I came home - a Friday afternoon - the carpet was installed in our basement we are finishing. Sometimes between Friday night and Saturday morning (I flew in at 11), a pipe broke in our basement. I didn't cry, but I came close, which is a big deal. I hate plumbers. I'm glad we got it fixed, but damn.

  7. 3. I have tickets to watch the show next summer. I think the show is really hyped up but it should be good. Lin Manuel Miranda's last musical, In the Heights, is a favorite one of mine and also won the Tony Award for best musical. I haven't heard any of the songs yet for Hamilton except for the one I saw on the Tony Awards. I am excited to watch it and I want to be surprised when I do. I'll tell you what I thought about it next summer.