Being Honest

1. I am constantly scheming how to get more shut eye- I haven't had a good night sleep in like five or six weeks. "Maybe I could bring my yoga mat in my classroom and nap at lunch?" "If I go to bed right when Sawyer does at 8..." "Maybe I can learn to sleep with my eyes open?"

2. After parent-teacher conferences last night I ate chocolate frosting on graham crackers for dinner and this morning I am having rice krispy squares (it's cereal, yea?) for breakfast. Oh, and yesterday I grabbed Ding Dongs from the gas station. I am horrible. Luckily I have been very active lately, but still. Disastrous. Disgusting. Dastardly. Diabetes. 

3. I have no plans this weekend and while on one level that sounds incredibly exciting and liberating it also bothers me way more than it should. I'll have no excuses for taking care of some things around the house I don't want to do but have been putting off. There won't be anything to get ready for or to schedule the days around. Honestly, I just don't like it. But I know I need it. It will be good once I can mentally wrap myself around this concept. Maybe.  

4. Sawyer's little growing pain related limp came back. He has grown another inch in the last seven or so weeks, so it makes sense, and it doesn't bother him, but it freaks me out. And very few health-related things do.

5. This afternoon we get to leave when the students do and I told the daycare provider that I'd be there about an hour and a half earlier than normal, but now I am regretting this decision and wish I would have booked a pedicure/massage/nap and just pretended I worked until the end of the normal day. #bestmomever

6. I have like eight classes paid for at the yoga studio I go to that I haven't used because I haven't been in so long. I do it at home with the app and it's so much easier, but I've wasted so much money, which is one of my biggest personal pet peeves. Bad Christine, Bad Christine.

7. I bough Cher tickets for my mom's Christmas present- the show is in Vegas in February. But honestly, it's partially for me too. Cher is the shit. I mean, come on. The "Turn Back Time" video? That lady's got it.

8.  I have been incredibly short on patience this week at work and at home but am determined to keep it on the dl (so I will write it on the blog I think more students have discovered... good plan, good plan). So at least 4352938672896724 times a day I have to do this thing where I clench up every single bodily organ for just a second and hold my breath so that I don't explode. Solid, effective plan.

9. I uploaded the picture at the beginning of this post twice, within two minutes, because I really have no idea what I am doing [in life] anymore.

10. I am reading Great Expectations so that I can advise a student with his paper and I cannot get myself to finish it. I've read it before and it's the best of Dicken's work, but I just cannot cross the finish line. I also refuse to Sparks Note it (yes, this is a verb, thanks to millions of teenagers across America), so I'm not really sure what I expect to happen before Monday. 

Happy Friday. We can do this (we have no choice). 

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