Three Things I've Watched (and Loved) Lately

By now we all know that I don't watch TV, a combination of not having time, not being able to stay awake, and simply preferring to do other things. This past week or so I went balls-to-the-wall and watched not one, but TWO, movies and an episode of Chef's Table on Netflix. Crazy, I know. I can recommend them all:

Christina Tosi/ Milk Bar Episode of Chef's Table (Pastry Season)
I am a huge, huge, huge fan of Tosi and Milk Bar. I have her cookbook and purposefully booked a room at the Cosmopolitan when we were in Vegas last just so I could make a beeline for the bakery as soon as we arrived (it was so good). But looking past her mad baking skills is her ability to inspire. She's driven, dedicated, and passionate. The episode chronicled her rise to the top of the baking world while staying true to what makes her happy. I was actually a little sad when it was over. Can't we do a whole season on Tosi and Milk Bar? Can't I be her best friend?

This is the movie based on the YA book about the boy born with facial deformities. I have only read the adapted children's book and have heard just a little about the story, so it was all new to me. It ended up being super sweet and genuine without being sappy and also taught an important message about acceptance. I truly believe all kids starting in about second grade need to see this film once a year. I must say that Julia Roberts and Own Wilson were delightful, as were the other members of the supporting cast. 

Isle of Dogs
My husband and I are huge fans of Wes Anderson, so when we saw that he was doing another animated movie we assumed that it was going to be like The Fantastic Mr. Fox, which we've watched with Sawyer. After we bought tickets on Sunday I saw that it was rated PG-13. Oops. We decided to go with it and that one of us would just take him out if we felt that it was too scary or inappropriate (or so far above his head that it was boring him). Luckily the only "iffy" part was when a dog's ear was bitten off and eaten by another one, but it was so stylized Sawyer just laughed. Scott and I loved this movie, and Sawyer seemed to as well, although I think he basically has no clue what really happened. 


  1. Wonder is one of my favourite books, however I've yet to see the film - like you, I have heard of so many people who have come away thoroughly enjoying it.

  2. I loved Wonder (the book) a few years ago and just watched the movie this past was SO good!!!