Travel Daydreams

This might seem a bit ridiculous, since I'm about to leave for a week for Canada, but I'm already starting to think ahead to future summers and wonder where we'll head next (as long as this goes well). During that window of time when I had a full-time job and was childless I was able to go to some great places (Italy, Hawaii, the Caribbean, NYC, etc...) and it finally seems like it's time to get back out there. Here are some places I have my eyes on for possibilities for the next few years:

New York City- I have mixed feelings about returning places when traveling, but I really want to take Sawyer to do the sleepover program at the Natural History Museum. I might combine this with maybe a few more stops in New England (probably Boston and then maybe somewhere on the coast in Maine), as opposed to spending more than two or three days in the city. As long as nothing catastrophic happens, I plan on this one for 2020. 

Somewhere tropical- I love the idea of an all-inclusive family-friendly resort on maybe Turks and Caicos or Jamaica. My husband's work demands doesn't necessarily open him up to travel plans, so I think I'd maybe take my mom with us so that I could have some time to lay on a beach alone with a book for a few hours. I'm really tempted to do this next summer, but we'll see what the budget looks like (I think my plan is  a big trip every other year). 

Seattle/PNW- Another return, but my first trip was for a work trip so I don't fully count it. 

London/Germany/Switzerland- A trip like this is probably the furthest one out, since European travel with a kid is just... a lot. A friend and I have been tossing around the idea of going together (without Sawyer), so that's a possibility too. 

Yellowstone- This one I could see being a real possibility for early next summer, although I'm still sort of stuck on the tropical thing... Also a possibility, and in the same neck-of-the-woods is Glacier National Park.

What about you? What's high on your travel wish list? 


  1. I would love to return to Bermuda and go back to Disney in Florida one last time before the girls start college.

  2. lol I was doing the same thing recently: I was about to start my holiday in Portugal and I was already wondering where to go afterwards, lol. All sound like great destinations to travel to next =D

  3. I love to travel with my kids and do find myself caught up in the planning, especially around school breaks. Right now I'm trying to plan next spring break's road trip (Kentucky to see Red River Gorge? Grand Tetons and pack 50 pounds of snow gear? The possibilities...). This year ended up being a bit over the top (because my daughter turns two in November, so I've been trying to get places before I have to pay her airfare), with Mexico, a southwestern road trip (CO-UT-AZ-NM), Florida Keys, Belize and Guatemala in Sept., and Boston in November. If money were no object, I would LOVE to visit Greenland, Australia, in New Zealand.