Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

Two days late in my class means 20% off, so you can quit reading ¾ of the way down. It’s been a week, guys.

Sawyer turned five yesterday and we had a low-key celebration at home, before this weekend’s small family party Saturday and a family trip to Legoland on Sunday. He has been asking to go and has no clue what we’re up to, so he will be so happy. He came down with bronchitis last weekend and had to stay home a few days this week, so now that everyone is healthy we’re good to go.

So it looks like I’ll be going to see Michelle Obama speak at my alma mater, UCLA, next week, through my school for her Reach Higher program. I’m a little in shock and we’re still getting the details hammered out so I’m not completely excited yet, but I’m getting there.

One of my students called Oedipus a "mother-fucker" today, and while I had to remind him of the language, I did acknowledge the accuracy (he clearly regretted saying it once it was out, haha). This is why I can’t teach little kids- I'm way too forgiving of swearing, especially with literary accuracy. We’re getting ready to read Antigone to close out the year, which has actually grown on me considerably since I read it in high school. This will be the fourth time I’ve taught it and I’m more and more comfortable with Sophocles each time.

Things have been a bit rough lately and my friends have, whether they’ve realized it or not, chosen the absolute perfect times to reach out to say hey, check in, make plans, etc… lately. I am eternally thankful for the friendships I have and can’t imagine how insane I’d be without them.

I preordered Ian McEwan’s newest book and I must say I despise the cover.

I have so many thoughts on Joe Biden running for president, many of them conflicting. In terms of political ideology, I don’t have any major complaints. I like that he has experience in politics and the White House, and I think he would bring some decorum, respect, and logic back into the office (plus, the memes! Will they come back if he wins?).  On the other hand, he’s ANOTHER OLD WHITE GUY. Can we not be more progressive? He also has a stain on his record with the Anita Hill hearings, and he is known to be a little touchy-feely (although I have thoughts on his accusations… they’re not quite the same as say, Bill Cosby). The election is still a year and a half away and I can feel the obsession brewing.

I haven’t slept well or long in several weeks and I have developed an ever-present twitch in my upper bicep, which Google says is either from overuse, stress, or caffeine. Since I basically never lift weights we know what one it is not. I think the only logical choice right now is a medically-induced coma (ha! Like my insurance would cover that).

I started reading Kevin Wilson’s newest short story collection, Baby You’re Gonna Be Mine and I’m really enjoying it. I really need to encourage more of my students to read short stories for their outside reading requirements, since they’re so great for when you’re busy.

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