Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

When I was driving in Vegas last week I saw a billboard from a hospital that announced births as they were happening, and then when I was back in town I saw one for a local college congratulating specific graduates. Such positivity and happiness! I love it (especially the baby one... it's like the hospitals that have special chimes when a baby is born- so many warm fuzzies).

I know people are totally into grocery delivery services or curb-side pick up, but I'm way too old school for all of that. I like to go in and select my own produce, compare prices, find new products, etc... Maybe if I was injured, elderly, or had a new baby I'd feel differently, but I'm going to keep hoofing it in to shop. 

I've finished two books in the last few days, one on running and the newest Ian McEwan book. It feels good to get some momentum going, since I want to get through fifteen books this summer. I've taken Sawyer to preschool the last two days and have made sure to dedicate some specific chunks to sitting on the couch in quiet, away from my phone, to read. It makes all the difference! 

The running book, 26 Marathons, by Meb Keflezighi, was incredibly motivating. I don't have any real running plans right now, other than fitness, but just hearing him talk about perseverance and he finds the bright side in tough situations was such a great message. For a few weeks after I read book like this I always notice that I have an easier time sticking out runs, improving my posture, and adding mileage. I guess I need to just read a running book each month! 

I made this lasagna recently and it was so, so, so good.

Scott and I watched Always Be My Maybe on Netflix and I thought it was super cute and reminded me of the good ol' romantic comedies from my youth. I know people love Ali Wong's standup, but I HATE standup. Ugh. I've tried, but I just can't.  

My Fitbit Versa strap has been in the process of breaking and the warranty replacement from the company finally arrived. I went to change it yesterday, and two mangled thumb nails, four hundred f-bombs, a few tears, and one husband who couldn't do it either later I had to drive to a jeweler for help! I was desperate! It took him two minutes and he didn't even charge me. For someone like me who is incredibly co-dependent on her tracker, it was a much-needed happy ended.

Sawyer and I are off to the beach today! It's cloudy and cool, which is fine by us! He will play with his sand toys while I read, we'll take a break for a picnic lunch, and then get back to the reading and playing before we beat the traffic home. I love that he's old enough to make this so easy now. 


  1. How was Ian McEwan's latest novel? Sort of debating whether to read it at some point or not...

    I'm forever behind watching shows and movies but Always Be My Maybe is definitely on my radar! Glad to hear you enjoyed it :)

  2. I totally agree with the grocery shopping thing. I'm still that little old coupon clipping lady that likes to get the best deals and pick out my own produce (however I am not one of those little old ladies that takes a half an hour to write a check at the cashier).

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  3. Enjoy the beach day. It sounds wonderful. I will check out McEwan's newest.