The Week that Nearly Killed Me

Maybe I'm exaggerating, but dang. It's been touch and go.

Last weekend was on the lighter side of busy, so I was just at my typical level of tired to start the week. Monday I chaperoned the Disneyland trip for our senior class, which meant over 25,000 steps walked and not going to bed until 1 am Tuesday morning (was past my bedtime). I was then up at 5:30 to teach all day, and then the same for finals Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday night was also graduation, along with dinner with a friend afterward.

Did I mention the grading? Ugh. 

I was actually fairly caught up, but because our turnaround time for grading finals and submitting the semester marks is ridiculously short, I was pretty slammed. A few times I fantasized about leaving all my work in my car with the doors open at night in front of my house, hoping someone would steal them (even safe neighborhoods have theft, right?). Nonetheless, it all got graded.

I also had to rush to finish our book club book yesterday too, which meant finishing the book about two hours before lunch, during my prep period. Clearly I am learning from my students. I prefer to finish the day before so I can let things sort of percolate before discussing, so I didn't feel like my contributions were very articulate. Granted there were only two other teachers there besides me, so it didn't really matter. But still. 

Today I worked to clean my classroom for like four hours and ran around campus taking stuff to my car, chatting with colleagues, and finishing up our checkout procedures. 

But, really, there was so much good in the crazy. Disneyland was SO MUCH FUN. The two parks were virtually empty (this NEVER happens) so my friend and another colleague that joined us were able to go on a ton of rides between the two parks. Sawyer has had a blast at school this week as they kick off their summer curriculum (will water day excitement ever wear off? I think not) and has started talking about how happy he is about kindergarten in a few months (he's been a little anxious about switching classes). I've seen so many of my friends this week and have been able to catch up on their lives. Graduation is always such an important day, both in terms of seeing what the kids and teachers have done during the school year. Oh, and the weather is finally warm and when I checked my air conditioner the other day to make sure it was still working after a long winter, both units fired up immediately (this seems so minor, but our units are getting older and those suckers are pricy). I've had some epiphanies about things I can do on the cheap around the house, as well, and we all know how much I love a good project.

But now, Friday afternoon? I am genuinely concerned about my ability to hoist my body of the couch when need be. 

I'll be back soon to regular posting! I have a whole bunch of new books to share, as well as some books I'm excited about reading this fall. 


  1. Hey I really like your blog format. How it puts the date very cutely next to your headline or subject line. Kind of gives you the best of both worlds. A dated post plus a catchy title.

    Your week was definitely one of the most jam-packed I've heard about in awhile. Wow! Glad you made it through and had a lot of fun at Disneyland! I love Disneyland. It's so the opposite of daily life. LOL

    1. Thank you! I had a company help with template many, many years ago, so I can't take credit.