Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

I am reading way too many books right now- five (one novel, one memoir, one collection of essays, on self-help book, and one play)! This never happens… two is my max.

My dad died when I was a freshman in high school, and it’s never really been a thing for me. I was reading a book the other day, though, and one of the girls who is struggling in similar ways that I am right now was able to go to her dad for guidance and I paused and thought, “wow, that must be nice.” The idea of going to someone older, wiser, non-judgmental, rational, who knows you, and has your best interest in mind must be so nice. My dad wouldn’t have been most of those things, so it’s not him exactly I miss, I’m just envious of the prospect of having someone like that as a possible sounding board.

Sawyer had his first day of kindergarten on Monday and is doing great! His preschool offers kinder, so we decided to stay there instead of move him to public school, since our home district only goes half day and that’s basically impossible for me to handle logistically, working full time and all. We had the meeting for his class tonight and I really like his teacher and feel confident he'll learn a lot. 

Do you ever notice your tone of voice change and there’s literally nothing you can do to change it? When I feel uncomfortable, put-on-the-spot, and pressured to be “on,” I get this sort of detached bitchy tone to my voice that I’m sure is 110% obvious to everyone but I cannot change it. It’s not like it’s happening every day, but it did recently and I was just left the situation going “ugh.”

I just saw a Groupon for whale watching for less than $22 for Sawyer and I! He was talking about wanting to go on a boat last night, so this is quite serendipitous. It’s good for several months, so I think we’ll wait to go until the weather cools down a tad, but I was pretty pleased with such a sweet deal.

Let me admit embarrassing: I was absolutely delighted when author of The Great Believers, Rebecca Makkai, started following my embroidery Instagram account this morning (@daily_floss_). I have a “symbol per book” project going and I recently added a musical note for her short story collection at “atted” her in the caption when I was listing the author. So, now we’re basically best friends.

I finally bought  a reusable k-cup and I am embarrassed it took so long- so much better for the environment and so much cheaper. Since I feel less guilty now I will probably be consuming a great deal more coffee- hooray for everyone!

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  1. Love the beach photo! My recent illness definitely interfered with my planned beach time. Sigh.

    I enjoy Kindergarten kids. Have fun with Sawyer.