Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

[someone is hardcore into replicating his kinder crafts at home]

I don’t want to jinx anything, but I’ve made some headway on my grading and, while I still have a ton to do, it’s not quite so curl-up-in-the-fetal-position-y.

I hate it when someone is talking crap about something you’re affiliated with, but you don’t know if you’re included in the umbrella in which they’re complaining. Or if you’re just being too sensitive or too defensive. I don't know if anyone's guessed, but the "you" is me. 

I scored free tickets from UCLA for the Andrew Sean Greer (I mixed up the order of his names three times… anyone else suffer from this syndrome, when people have multiple names that could be used as the first one?), the author of the Pulitzer Prize winning novel Less, which we read for book club last year. He’s in conversation with Sloan Crosley, whom I’ve always meant to read but have not yet. I was going to take Sawyer, since I’ve been wanting to test the waters and see if he is capable of sitting through one of these yet, but I think I might just leave him with Scott and have a little solo trip out there. That’s the nice thing about free tickets- I could possibly not even go and it would be okay (it’s not a sold out event, so I don’t feel bad).

I’m reading my first Annie Dillard book, her short memoir, The Writing Life. This woman is amazing, I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to experience her enormous talent. 

I’m sorry if misery loves company, but I am NO LONGER here for it. 

I think I’m experiencing a change of heart regarding my hatred of Home Depot. I know, who am I? But hear me out. One of my overwhelming sources of anxiety is house related-problems (I know 110% where this is stemming from, but I’m not going to go there here and now), to the point where it keeps me up at night and sometimes really ruins the little time I have spent relaxing in my home. But here’s the thing I realized when I was at HD last- basically everything you need to fix a house is right there, in that building. Right there. In one spot, a few miles from my house. It’s comforting (until my mind manages to not let it be). 

Two totally polarizing things come out on my birthday: The Frozen 2 movie, which my son IS DYING to see and I most definitely am not, and a new Beck album, which I’m super excited about. 

I’m not sure if I’m taking my love of to-do lists to the next level or to the crazy level, but I’ve added a master to-do list to the mix. Right now I have a to-do list at home and one at work, which works fine, but sometimes I need to just sit down and write everything that needs to get done in the next week or two, so that I can plan accordingly. All of that now goes on the master list, which I then parcel out to the daily ones. 

I finished listening to The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides and it was fine, a little slow in parts, pretty captivating in others. As far as mysteries, a B, as far as literature a D. 


  1. Oh god...I can't deal with anything to do with the house or the car. I just curl up in my bed and cry.

  2. I hate Home Depot, too, perhaps not for the reasons you do. I don't like huge warehouse buildings, especially if I'm looking for something and have to ask for help. Those workers tend not to be very helpful. Sigh.

    I enjoyed The Silent Patient. Here are MY BOOKISH & NOT SO BOOKISH THOUGHTS