Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

It's Thursday! Ooops! I'm off this week, and Sawyer is in school, so the days have seriously blended together. 

Speaking of being off, it has been the week of practicality. Dentist appointments for me and Sawyer, our annual tax-athon with our CPA, and lots of grading. I've managed to have a lot of fun, too, with lots of friend dates, a painting class for Sawyer and I, a massage (my friend told me about a place that our insurance covers, meaning I can get an hour for TEN DOLLARS PLUS TIP OMG), and an impending trip to Knott's tomorrow. Phew. 

I am hoping to post my thoughts on American Dirt either tomorrow or Saturday. I have really tried to be thoughtful in my discussion of it with others and on social media, so I want to do the same here. 

I am currently reading Ruth Reichl's memoir Save Me the Plums and it's amazing! I want to binge read everything else she's ever written. 

Does anyone have an air fryer? Yay or nay? My friend got one recently and she raves about it, but it seems like a magical machine that's too good to be true. 

The three of us watched the cutest movie on Disney+ the other day, Timmy Failure. If you have little people, or just live quirky kid movies (a little boy who is a detective and has an imaginary polar bear friend) give it a try! I saw that it's a comic book series for kids, so once we get through the first Harry Potter we'll probably pick one up (which, by the way, if you only read a few pages of HP a night it takes awhiiiiiiiiile to get through). 

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  1. I want an air fryer, my parents bought one just before Christmas and say they haven’t used their oven since, they love it. The issue I have is I need one big enough for my family of 6 which is a little too expensive for my budget right now.
    Have a good week!