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Alternate title: A Tale of Christmas Amazon Gift Cards Spent 

The Power by Naomi Alderman- This made a lot of buzz a year or so ago, but it's our next book club book that I think I may have had a hand in selecting (it was a long time ago). It's a sort of feminist sci-fi novel that seems like something a bit different than what we usually tackle. 

Weather by Jenny Offill- I read her Department of Speculation, also for book club, a few years ago and was really fascinated by her prose. 

Save me the Plums by Ruth Reichl- I knew the moment I heard about this memoir of Gourmet magazine's editor that it would be something I loved. I just started it today and am hooked. 

Consider This by Chuck Palahniuk- This is also a memoir, by an author whose career fascinated me. Palahniuk has had so many ups and downs, personally and professionally, so I'm ready to hear what's happened. 

The Cactus League by Emily Nemens- I saw another blogger post about this and said it was one of the best baseball novels since The Art of Fielding. I'm intrigued that it's a *gasp* sports novel written by a woman, too!  

All the Names They Used for God by Anjali Sachdeva- I'm always a sucker for an intriguing   collection of short stories!

Quiet by Susan Cain- I've seen this in a few places lately, and I feel like it might be a good insight into myself. I'm an extrovert in the sense that I love having time with friends and hanging out with family, but I also CRAVE alone time. 

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