Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. I am reading Susan Leaf's Portage right now and it is so good. Basically, it's just about a family's experiences canoeing, mostly on the northern Mississippi, which sounds sort of lame, but, honestly, it makes me so happy. It just proves that someone can write about moth balls if they've got talent. 

2. My Etsy custom-portrait option is starting to take off! So exciting! I opened the shop late-last summer and it has grown at the perfect rate for my life. I never planned to make a fortune or anything, but the proceeds have supported the hobby, haha.

3. I submitted senior grades a few hours ago, which was so... difficult. Difficult because some kids earned higher grades than they deserved, but the law is the law. Difficult because I miss them so, so much. Difficult because we don't know what next year will look like.

4. That being said, I have already reached out to my incoming juniors and have over a third of them signed up for next year's Google Classroom, just we can have some casual interaction over the summer. I just really put out the call yesterday so 50 of 146 is pretty good for a whole bunch of kids I don't know.

5. One more thing about work- I get to go in tomorrow! I'm so excited to get to go somewhere that isn't the grocery store or a take-out place! I also will get a few hours peace and quiet, which is also very, very exciting since that can be really hard to come by.

6. I've been watching Mindy Kaling's new show, Never Have I Ever while I work out and it's such a distracting, delightful little half hour. 

7. The baking bug has started to finally catch up to me- I made a boysenberry pie over the weekend, cookies yesterday, and I plan on doing homemade pizza tomorrow and these little bagel cream cheese bomb thingies in the air fryer soon, too. I also need to pick a recipe from Christina Tosi's cake book, since I bought it on release day and haven't made anything (I have from her other book, though, and everything requires tons of random stuff but it's so worth it).

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