Anti-Racism Embroidery Hoops

I have always tried to provide some financial support for The Southern Poverty Law Center, ever since the last presidential election. I won't sit here are pretend they're going to be naming wings in their central offices after me or anything, but I have tried to give some when I can. 

I wish I could give more. And not just to them, but to so many groups fighting racism and unjust behavior. 

After a lot of thinking, I decided I could give some of my time and skills. I was stitching some embroidery hoops for my classroom and decided I could use that as a way to help.

Each of the two hoop designs are $20, with 100% of the profit going to one of four charities on the drop down menu when you look at the product. $10 goes to shipping and supplies and then $10 will then be donated to the charity in your name. Emails will be sent confirming the donation within 48 hours of the purchase. 

I think I am about 75% sold out of the inventory I posted, and once I get those made I will open it back up to more, if there is a need (I just want to be realistic about how fast I can stitch!).

If you're interested, here's the link! I can also do other quotes of similar sentiment if desired- just message me through Etsy!  

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