Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. Whelp, the school districts here in Southern California are starting to unveil their plans for next school year and so far it seems they want to go back to a full, physical return, on the scheduled start date. I have extremely, extremely mixed feelings and I see both sides. On one hand, distance learning was a band aid and we all tried really hard, but yet there wasn't a ton of new content being learned. I am eager for my son to start his new school and be around kids again, even if it's a totally new socially-distanced way. I can't wait to teach in front of kids and be able to leave the house every day, as well. BUT. Covid19 is increasing and people are still dying (I have four different friends who have had family members diagnosed with it or die, recently). It's simply not safe for at-risk educators and students to return the classroom, and something needs to be in place for these people.  I know teachers who have been directly impacted by this virus and their concern about returning is real and should be acknowledged. I have absolutely no patience for the lack of empathy I have seen from some people regarding this issue and I hope that after some growing pains problems can be worked out.

2. While we're on this topic, the governor has mandated masks mandatory in the state. THANK GOODNESS. It angers me so much how people want everything to open fully back up, but they're not willing to compromise with something incredibly easy and helpful. Research has shown that wearing masks can reduce the rate 60-80%, which is HUGE. This issue has really shown the true colors of some people- how are people so entitled and selfish that they think they're somehow exempt from a COMMUNITY health issue? I hate masks- I am claustrophobic, I have horrible year-round allergies, and a patch of dermatitis that I struggle with on my chin as is. BUT I STILL WEAR MINE INDOORS AND HAVE ONE READY TO WEAR WHENEVER I LEAVE ME HOUSE. Fine, you're so mad at the government for telling people what to do, blablabla. This is bigger than you and your pride. Go have your moments of teenage rebellion when people aren't dying. Wear your damn mask. Bedazzle it. Buy lots to match all of your outfits. Write "F--- Gavin Newsom" on it if you want. Whatever. Just wear it.

***The venting portion of today's post is now over, thanks***

3. Good news: the DACA ruling! I have had so many students over the years that this effects, so I was so exited to see the decision this morning.

4. Good news: I was able to go to my friend's house a few days ago for a socially-distanced visit in her back yard, for the first time since the beginning of March. I usually see my friends a few times a month, so this was such a welcome return to something that seemed normal. We were probably 10-12 feet away from each other the whole time and it was safe, practical, and I can't wait to go again (and yes, I had my mask in my purse in case something happened and we had to huddle up... like... an injury? Earthquake? Ha! But seriously, I did). 

5. Good news: Sawyer and I have also started in hot-and-heavy on the park circuit, now that we are able to leave our neighborhood. We have gone to a few nearby, and then two others in Orange County. One, Carbon Canyon, I had never been to before, and they have a grove of the only coastal redwoods in this part of the state. It smelled like Yosemite. (And, yes, again, I carry masks, gloves, and sanitizer in my bag). 

6. Good news: tonight I have a book club meeting, which is with two friends. We read Emma Straub's All Adults Here and I really enjoyed it. If you want to read something that feel like it's set in Star's Hallow, this is your book. Was it perfect? No, but was it a great summer read that made me happy? Yes. 

**** The good news portion of today's post is now over, balance achieved***

7. I am staring out my son's bedroom window right now at a large tree that is probably two years overdue for a trim. The guy who does our lawn gave me a quote and it is totally, totally reasonable, but I, to be honest, I just don't want to spend $350 on a tree haircut. I want to spend $350 on books, back-to-school dresses, or more cheap sunglasses/bathing suits/coverups from Target.

8. I think I wrote about falling in the pool two weeks ago, but in case I didn't, I fell in the pool two weeks ago. I hit my shin really hard on the cement pool/spa divider on the way down and while I don't have pain when I walk now, something is still wrong and I can barely run. It seems the pain has sort of morphed down from the upper shin/knee region into the ankle as a whole. It's lovely. 

***The whining portion of today's post in now over***

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