Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. The school year in my district started today, for teachers. We have various online meetings throughout the next three days, but we also have a lot of time to prep, plan, etc... I am doing most of it at home, but I hope to go in to work for a few hours for some quiet time to really tie up loose ends tomorrow. I am fairly certain that I know what I am teaching, but everything is in flux (I am one of the lucky ones that knows; our district, like many others, are scrambling to accommodate the various instructional plans they offered. Basically, it's a mess). I plan on writing a post later this weekend to sort of unburden myself of ALL THE THOUGHTS.

2. I'm reading three books, but I feel like I am making progress. There's one for work, David Mitchell's Utopian Avenue, and then I am still slowly making my way through Bill Bryson's The Body. All are good in their own ways, but also long (well, not the one for work, I'm just moving through it slowly).

3. Little Ellie, our new golden retriever puppy, is growing quickly! She is now 8.5 weeks and we've had her just over 2, so I feel like she's a permanent fixture now. She sleeps through the night, meaning from about 10-5:30, without any accidents. This is sort of cramping my style, big time, in terms of having time to myself at night, but I am trying to readjust and just take that time in the morning. I am literally counting down the days until I can take her on walks, after she is fully vaccinated. September 27 cannot come fast enough! I have these grand ideas about taking her on walks in the morning before I start working in order to tire her out, and then again in the evening. I am fully aware that I am completely ignoring what a pain it is to teach a puppy how to properly walk on a leash, but I'll just stay in this bubble until then. 

4. I have been neglecting my embroidery terribly these days (wow, don't I sound like someone straight out of an Austen book or something?), and I'm a little sad about it. Despite it being August, I still want to finish my symbol-a-book hoop from 2019, do a few things for my Etsy shop, finish a fun little reading llama hoop I'm doing for myself, think about a few Halloween options, and start a Christmas custom- portrait push. I have not really tried very hard to push the holiday sale aspect of this tiny little side business, and while this year probably isn't the time, I just might attempt it anyway. 

5. I am trying to plan something to look forward to every weekend, mostly involving Sawyer, since I know this is going to rough on him, with my days being so structured and him going back in some form soon (his district is a lagging). I told him on Saturday we'd swim a ton, get takeout from somewhere we haven't yet, do something delicious for dessert, and he could stay up late to watch a movie (I'm pretty strict about him going up to bed by about 8 every night, just because I need time at night and he does well with routine). We have been so lucky with mild summer weather (knock on all the wood), so I can't wait for fall when it gets cooler and even easier to go hike or whatever. Even better will be when we can take the dog! 

6. I accidentally discovered someone trying to be sneaky on Instagram recently (not my husband, haha- I feel like I have to make that disclaimer here) and the fact that they made such a rookie mistake is pretty hilarious, although clearly they were trying to pull a fast one on me. On that note, doesn't social media really truly bring out the childish side of us? I mean isn't this ooooooozing passive aggressiveness right here?

7. I have tried to use an online habit tracker and I'm really horrible at using it, s o I paid $3 for a super cute printable one from Etsy and am excited to get it filled out. I think in a lot of ways going back to school is like the new year, for many people. 

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