Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. I'll do you guys a favor and not talk about work.

2. Do you every wonder how the pandemic will effect the typical contemporary narrative? Are writers still writing about a "normal" society where we go to concerts and fly without masks? Or are they adapting? When you read do you notice the discrepancies of pre-Covid versus now? I am starting to! 

3. Our little puppy Ellie is growing so much- she has nearly tripled in weight since we got her less than six weeks ago. She realllllllllly hates being cooped up in the little pen we made her in our kitchen and is quite vocal about it. I get it! She thinks she's part of the family now (verdict is still out on that one, ma'am), and wants to be included. Unfortunately, with the way our house is laid out she can't just roam (plus she's a chewer!). I read about "umbilical training," which basically means you keep your dog on a leash most of the time so they're constantly with you and you're able to teach them how to behave around furniture and whatnot. We've been doing the lite version and she seem much happier.

4. Despite the hectic nature of life, I am still resolute to get in at least thirty minutes of reading a day, plus 25-40 minutes of exercise. I break it up; I'll jump on the treadmill to incline walk for ten minutes when I can sneak away here or there, and the same with reading. It's not ideal, but at least I can keep up with things I love.

5. The weather has become a bit cooler here where I live; a week or so we were well over 100 every day and the evening temperatures not as cool as I'd like. Things have cooled down 10 or so degrees and it's made a big difference- I am much happier when I can spend more time outside and with windows open.

6. All Sawyer does is make comics- every day he has me print out little grids for him and he makes 5-10 pages worth almost daily. The topics are the absolute cutest- yesterday was about a new kid at Hogwarts (there was a new kid in his class Zoom), the day before about Carl from Up! going on an adventure (we got a new Pixar book and drew the house from the movie), etc... I love seeing how he connects things from his actual life into his stories. I admire his stamina so much- he sits for like 2 straight working on them!

7. Sawyer and I are going to take a virtual kids painting class on Zoom later today, through one of those "sip and paint" kind of companies. It's reasonably priced and they put together the materials for you to pick up beforehand. We need fun things to look forward to!

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