Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. Social media totally unnecessary conundrum: WHY DO I CHECK THE ACCOUNTS OF PEOPLE I HAVE BLOCKED BECAUSE THEIR POSTS CONTINUE TO DISAPPOINT AND INFURIATE ME? I mean, I know I should cut ties with these people, since it's not like we're close, but, you know how things go.... I need to bribe myself to stop looking. STOP.

2. Ellie is a whole new puppy now that she is getting two walks a day and I've started jingling coins in a metal cup when she barks. She is almost a good dog!

3. My district has voted to not go back to work until mid-January, once the holidays are over and the new semester has started. Most schools in our area have decided this, actually, although Sawyer's school hasn't... yet. As of right now he is going back on November 10, which I can see changing. It's a tough call- we have to keep people safe (I have had many students have Covid and know of a few with family members who have passed away) but we also need kids to learn. I am so fortunate- my own child and my students have (mostly) been doing awesome. I will keep doing me best, as tired as I am, and when we go back, we go back!

4. I found a new podcast that I'm loving- Smartless, with Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes. I've listened to three episodes so far, with Gustavo Dudamel, Kamala Harris, and Jennifer Aniston, and it's becoming a quick favorite. Highly recommend!

5. I had book club with two of my good friends last weekend and it lasted over three hours long... we talked about the book for about five minutes. Honestly, I could care less- it is SO good to converse with people who live outside my home. The week before a different friend came over to visit at a distance outside and that was wonderful, too. I think I might have another friend date in a few weeks- what is this? A social life again? 

6. Something else that was so nice- Sawyer and I went to a small local pumpkin patch near our house and got our future jack-o-lanterns last weekend. I wasn't sure if it was going to happen, but it did and we were both so happy.

7. Did you get your flu shot? I did! Sawyer did! His pediatrician wanted to do an exam as well and it ended up lasting over thirty minutes, since Sawyer would not stop talking to the nurses and doctor. They were so sweet and had extensive conversations with him about Disney movies and Harry Potter. Sawyer is apparently starved for interaction as well. 

8. This week has kicked my butt, and it's only Wednesday, so I am promising myself that I am going to take a night off from running and doing work to just sit at read for at least an hour straight. This seems so simple, but it's such a luxury right now. 

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  1. We got our flu shots, definitely! ­čĹŹ and hahaha to your first bullet point... SAME!!