October Activities for 2020 (with a First Grader)

I usually do a lot of activities for the holidays with my six-year-old son, starting in October and not letting up until Christmas. I'll be honest: I'm bummed. Living in Southern California we have excellent weather and a variety of activities to choose from, which is obviously not the case this year. And, icing on the case, work is basically twice as exhausting. But, Sawyer will only be six once, and the magic of the holidays won't be this sweet forever, so I am forcing myself to rally*. 

1. Craft kits- little kids are missing out on all of the fun art projects of school, so I picked up some cheapy ones at Michaels (also, they take up time!) 

2. Halloween cookies- Hurry, go get some festive sprinkles before all the stores transition to Christmas! 

3. Make and send Halloween cards- I will dump a ton of art supplies on the table and let Sawyer go to town making cards for families and friends. 

4. Try on old costumes- There is nothing more hilarious than seeing a costume that was once huge now look like culottes. 

5. Carve pumpkins- Of course! I think I'll put some effort behind mine this year (read: actually use the drill collecting dust for something).

6. Decorate the house- I don't have a ton of fall decorations, but I'll let Sawyer help me put up the ones we do have.  

7. Watch Halloween movies- Honestly, I am not a fan of Halloween movies, or really movies in general, but Sawyer is! 

8. Read Halloween/fall books- I've acquired quite the collection thanks to Scholastic book orders from his old school. 

9. Come up with a 10/31 plan- this will look differently for everyone, but we are planning on letting Sawyer dress up in his costume and we will walk around the neighborhood to participate in the whole vibe, but not collect candy from houses (I will buy him all his favorite to have at home). I'm pleased everyone in our house is okay with this! 

10. Bedroom door decorations- Sawyer's room door is due for a refresh, so we'll put something festive up soon.

11. Sidewalk chalk mural on the driveway- now that the temperatures are cooling off and the puppy is fully vaccinated we can spend time outside in the front yard drawing lots of pumpkins. 

12. Dress up the pets- I think Ellie is going to be an Ewok. 

*I am very tired of rallying, for the record. I am tired of over six months of having to make the best out of everything, of constantly propelling things forward, to plastering a smile on my face most days and being the cheerleader. So, so, so tired. Wouldn't it be nice if someone on this planet tried to make my life easier, for once? Anyway. So tired. 

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