Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts


1. Once upon a time there was a girl named Christine and she knew in her gut that the Moderna stock would skyrocket, so she took the plunge and invested, over a few months, $50 whole bucks through Robinhood. Her money doubled this week and SHE COULD HAVE BEEN RICH IF SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN A GROWN UP AND ACTUALLY PUT IN REAL MONEY. And her student loans lived collecting interest, happily ever after. The end.

2. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving- we stayed at home and did a huge feast for a small family. I had an incorrect premonition that my oven was going to break mid-cooking, since a few weeks ago it lost power randomly for a second, but luckily it did not. 

3. I spend a lot of time over break grading, which was great because I am in a much better position entering the last three weeks of the semester, but also kind of a bummer because I worked every single day (including Thanksgiving). 

4. I took Sawyer to his school to take yearbook photos yesterday, which was so strange to me. This is a new school for him and we haven't set food on campus at all, besides me running in the office once and picking up packets out front. I am glad we are able to do it, but it's so weird. He is supposed to start back under the hybrid model in January, which means he'll finally be in a classroom safely, but with the amount of people ignoring safety recommendations and numbers skyrocketing I guess the county could yank their waiver.

5. Ellie is going in to get spayed tomorrow and the vet, and my sister who works for a vet, have both advised me to consider being ready to give her mild sedatives for her recovery period, just because she has such high energy and could jeopardize the sutures. On one hand, it feels like cheating to keep my dog mellow for 12 days, on the other I know that she could a do a lot of damage with all the jumping around she does, too. 

6. I am trying to plan safe Christmas activities, so Friday we are driving to the local fairgrounds and doing one of those drive-thru light experiences. Sunday we are supposedly Zooming with Santa (I've seen so bad feedback on the company's facebook page, so who knows), and I guess it's time to start baking and crafting, too. December is here...

7. My son was in a reading competition for a fundraiser at his school and we were LIGHT YEARS ahead and SOMEHOW the PTA president's son apparently pulled away... after the end date.... WEIRD. Also, please send me a trophy for not writing a snarky email. 

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